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School Placements

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by joey81, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. joey81

    joey81 New commenter

    Hi! I've only just joined these forums but there's so much on here I'm going to stick around and read it all I think over the next few years! [​IMG]
    I'm currently studying my SKE course which ends in July but I can't start my PGCE until January 2013 because I have to await my degree classification in December. I'm studying the PGCE through the OU (I've seen a few posts about it) but they no longer arrange placements as standard so I'm required to find my own Level 1 placement for March/April 2013.
    I had trouble last year getting even 1 observation day from any schools, more often than not I got no response at all and was actively avoided! I've now been awarded the IoP Scholarship thinking it may help to find me a placement but the general response is "no vacancies at present" or "we are unable to accomodate you".
    I have tried phoning, emailing, dropping in, posting things... does anyone have any suggestions? I live in Bristol and I think the schools here are all partner schools to UWE and Bristol Uni and I'm terrified I won't find a placement at all. I've got 2 young children and 1 is at school so moving around the country isn't an option. Help! [​IMG]
  2. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    Dropping in won't help. In my school, it's me you'd need to speak to and turning up on the doorstep is unlikey to have you arrive when I am free! My advice would be to call the school and ask for the contact information of the Professional Mentor, and then email them.
    We place with a local uni but we did take an OU trainee last year as well - the problem is that the placements are out of sync, and the requirements are different, which is where is gets awkward for the school.
    I would contact them all now, and see how you get on - I'll be starting my 2012/13 placement planning after Whit week, so you'd need to be on my radar before then to stand any chance, I'm afraid.
  3. Use any links you have with local schools - ask friends, family, friends of friends as that is often a foot in the door. We took on an OU trainee (although it was a part time placement) as well as our normal trainee as she was a friend of a friend. I've had friends ask me for friends of theirs although more for observation than placements, but I always try and help out where I can.
  4. joey81

    joey81 New commenter

    I've been sent a couple of schools by the IoP and they've been told I'll be contacting them. I've dropped them an email yesterday so I'll leave it until this afternoon and give the a call i think to make sure they have it.
    I resorted to dropping in to 1 school because they ignored emails and phone messages. Then they ignored the info I was told to hand in as well so I decided I didn't want to work at a school where no one even bothers to drop a quick email saying they can't help.
    Unfortunately everyone I know is either unemployed or working for the DWP, all the people I meet at my daughters school are involved in primary school or nursery work so I'm out of luck on that side :(
    Yes I've reaslied that about the out of sync problem. My 1st and 2nd placements would be in 12/13 and my 3rd would be in 13/14. Not sure what I can do about that really except I may have to resign myself to doing my first placement 9 months late in September [​IMG]
  5. Can you not ask your daughter's teacher for some advice? Head's talk to each other, teachers talk to each other - there will be links there that you may be able to use.

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