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School non-closures and Boris Johnson

Discussion in 'Education news' started by hbee1, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. GreenTrees123

    GreenTrees123 Occasional commenter

    Not at all. We believe a certain skill set and disposition is required for SMT members/ we cannot simply bring in others to cover in the event of absence. It is therefore vital that we ensure SMT members are protected as best as possible.

    On the other hand, teachers can be replaced by supply staff or TAs/office clerks if necessary. Schools that stay open will effectively be operating a ‘conveyor belt’ system for teachers, along with class sizes doubling or tripling.
  2. letap

    letap Occasional commenter

    Trust me, your skill set of narcissistic pub bore is really not that required.
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  3. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    Definitely a wind up.
  4. Lalex123

    Lalex123 Established commenter

    You can’t build up immunity to it. You either die, survive with long lasting health problems, or recover. If it’s anything like flu, it mutates every year so immunity to 1 strain doesn’t mean immunity to them all.

    EDIT: That was to the person you were replying to @hs9981 !
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  5. install

    install Star commenter

    Another wind up imo
  6. install

    install Star commenter

    The latest from the PM (acc. BBC website):

    ‘The PM has said everyone in the UK should avoid "non-essential" travel and contact with others to curb coronavirus - as the country's death toll hit 55.

    Boris Johnson said people should work from home where possible as part of a range of stringent new measures.

    Pregnant women, people over the age of 70 and those with certain health conditions should consider the advice "particularly important", he said.

    People in at-risk groups will be asked within days to stay home for 12 weeks.’

    It’s not quite time yet for schools to close and I agree that is still right. I am still predicting an extension to the Easter break. But for Exam groups to stay in.

    The whole family to be isolated for 14 days if someone shows symptoms is also the advice now we are seeing a rise. Good to see they are giving Daily news as we learn more about this virus.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2020
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  7. Outdoorman

    Outdoorman New commenter

    So let's look at our school.
    We currently have
    2 teachers sick
    1 teacher off from today as other family members sick
    4 TA's off sick
    3 teachers who are pregnant will now be off.
    That's just today's total.

    Class rooms not big enough for 60
    Not enough TAs
    Who is going to pay for 6 supply teachers our school can not afford it.

    Just saying that there may be no choice but to close or may be teach classes morning's or afternoons. However we look at it now staff are at great risk of catching this virus at work
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  8. -Maximilian-

    -Maximilian- New commenter

    So, most of our European neighbours in lockdown and we get advised to work from home, avoid social contact, avoid mass gatherings, avoid public transport, don’t visit family, don’t go to the pub or to restaurants. However, schools stays open. I’ll sit in assembly this week with 300 people, most of whom travelled on buses and they will all eat together in a large dining room. No conflicting advice there then! Even Trump’s shutting stuff down. Thanks, Boris.
  9. Jeroniymo

    Jeroniymo New commenter

    Yeah its the contradiction of advice that gets me ....

    You cant say no mass gatherings and work from home and no unessential travel ...

    Oh by the way keep your school with 1500 kids in open with teachers in work and them socialising all the time ...

    I was fine with the princioles followed until today ...

    Id happily go in and supervise work with a small number of kids from medics families ... before that gets thrown back in .....

    Its the stupid hypocrisy of the situation ...
  10. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    It looks like I fit two of the criteria for self-isolation (and I can think of several other colleagues who would also be in this position). It will not take much for some schools to have to close due to lack of staff.

    At least I have a few days to get everything sorted out before I have to lock myself in my flat!
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  11. bugsysmum

    bugsysmum New commenter

    I think it's a great idea, I'd be quite happy to see our SMT stay away and let us get on with our jobs , it would make our school quite delightful ;)
  12. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    bojo made some sense last night. But then he said schools will not close.

    How is a school full of snotty kids not a large gathering?

    Completely contradictory and ludicrous.

    However, in practical terms, many schools will have to close due to lack of staff. Even if bojo says that it is ok to have classes of 100, which apparently he already has the power to do, there still will not be enough staff to make it work. And it will further promote the herd immunity agenda. The daily briefing today (Tuesday) should be interesting.
  13. Lalex123

    Lalex123 Established commenter

    I am so angry at the plans and advice given by Boris. i want to do something about it. He is willingly letting people contract the disease, knowing that many will die, in order to kickstart his herd immunity ‘theory’. It’s not even a fact or has been tested...

    After all teachers have gone through over the past few years, now he needs us to prop up the economy with (potentially) our lives on the line? I didn’t sign up for this. I’m worried for my family’s health because of my contact with others. You can carry the disease for up to 14 (I think) days without symptoms. What if I pass it onto a family member and they die? Will I be glad I worked so hard? Will I get and 8-11% pay rise like the MPs?

    Banning mass gatherings and recommending people avoid pubs, work from home etc is shirking responsibility. Those businesses rely on customers and staff. Either shut them down so they can claim on their insurance for loss of business and keep paying wages, or keep them open and say nothing.
  14. install

    install Star commenter

    Yes if staff are ill or members of their family, it will clearly mean less teachers in schools and therefore potential closures.

    I also wonder what happens in the event of family illness for Doctors, nurses and the police. It seems actual testing for the virus would help more for those on the front line.
  15. alex_teccy

    alex_teccy Star commenter

    Schools tend to be left wing in their outlook, partially because university lecturers are left leaning.
    Unfortunately too many Remainer-die hards are buying into the “torygenocide” nonsense. Don’t be a sheep, think for yourself.
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  16. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    Bear in mind that the advice given to Boris yesterday was dramatically different to the advice produced to him last week. It made it clear that mitigation, as a strategy, would lead to 250 000 deaths with ICU / respirator demand 8 times greater than the National Health can provide. Hospital beds would have been full by the second week of April. That means that we move to a suppression strategy which has severe consequence e.g. social distancing by all would need to last for up to 18 months (until a working vaccine has been developed) which would profoundly change society as we know it.

    It is all but certain schools will close as, if you read the briefing document produced by ICL, that will further reduce the spread of the disease.

    A bigger issue is going to be the economy which, for large sections of the population will stop working - how will the Government ensure everyone has sufficient money to be able to purchase necessities when many jobs will effectively stop existing.
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  17. Lalex123

    Lalex123 Established commenter

    Looks like they’ll have to borrow all that money we paid back through austerity...
  18. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    It doesn't need government permission to have classes of 100. There are no legal limits on maximum class size (except in EY/KS1)
  19. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    My university lecturers tended to talk about the Diels Alder reaction and molecular orbitals, barely a mention of politics.
  20. ridleyrumpus

    ridleyrumpus Star commenter

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