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School Newspaper/magazine - any ideas please???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Joanna2983, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I have also been asked to start a school magasine with year 6, only been at the school 1 term, help! I would love to see any of your ideas. Many thanks, kirsty
  2. Tafkam - You are going to be bombarded now! Can you please email me too? Would really appreciate it! X

  3. Hi there.
    Have read all the positive comments about your ideas about setting up a school mag. Would you send them th me please? Thanks
  4. Hi Tafkam

    Bet you wish you'd never offered your help?!

    i am in te same boat as all the others on here - supposed to be putting together a termly school magazine and although I have a few ideas, I am quite sure yours will prove superior to mine! Please e-mail me on katiehowarth107@yahoo.co.uk

    Many Thanks
  5. Hiya, I know this post is old but i needed some information about a running a school magazine and was wondering if you could help?
    Thank you
  6. If you're still reading this Tafkam, please could you e-mail me the info? Thank you!

  7. holdon

    holdon New commenter

    I run a weekly after school newspaper club with children from years 3-6. We issue 1 newspaper each term. The children decide what goes in and produce articles. 'Old hands' - children who have been long-standing members- help to edit. I encourage, advise and proivide technical support.
    We sell the paper, the children have worked hard to produce an interesting product and need to feel their work is valued. Money raised goes to the school fund.
  8. Hi there Tafkam,
    I know your post was a while ago but do you still have your information on the school magazine you were involved in. Would love some ideas.
    Thanks Janet jnlowe1962@yahoo.co.uk
  9. tafkam could I please have the email too? My email address is nkhan@theparkfederation.org thank you so much!

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