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School leaving age going up to 17 by 2013?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cromartycat, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. My daughter is currently in Y10 which will be the first year of children who will be obliged to stay on. I would like to know if this is actually going to happen. None of my friends who teach in this sector seem to know anything about it and my daughter says they are not talking about it at her school.
    I would like to know what plans are being made? Who is going to teach all these extra children? Will it effect the choices my daughter has of moving to a post 16 college?
    Anyone know anything about this???
  2. Some schools are telling pupils that they have to stay on, but actually they are still free to go to the provider of their choice - regardless of what some local heads round here have been saying!
    But yes, leaving age has been mooted to rise to 17 in 2013. However there have been no announcements yet and, given the difficulties, I would expect there to be something very soon - after the Easter round of conventions perhaps.

    Odd isn't it? They say it will happen but nothing is visible.... and we all sit here wondering!
  3. Not obliged to stay on just obliged to be in some form of education or training. But it is not going to be enforced so it is pointless, except it will reduce unemployment figures because "neets" won't count as unemployed but as "truants" or some other category.
  4. I also have a child in Yr 10, and my understanding what as kirbatron states, they they must remain in some form of education, not necessarily at school. I am somewhat concerned though, as there was a story in the local papers last week about cuts in funding to FE for 16-19 yr olds!
    So, where do they plan to put them? Many schools here do not have 6th forms & the colleges have no dosh?!?! I feel that I will be having an interesting conversation next month at my son's statement review........[​IMG]
  5. FE colleges are being squeezed but not many courses are being felled wholesale. We have lost a few over the last couple of years, but we seem to be chopping and changing according to uptake rather than being forced via cuts. There have always been odd, niche courses, they are being removed - oh and class sizes are growing/being monitored more closely. I suppose we are now cutting our cloth etc. We have been dealing with this for the last 2 years, the cuts are not new.

    Schools are being hit more by the cuts, I think they are being brought into line with our funding. So the shouting about schools starting sixth forms is a bit overblown, not sure about academies though. Could be interesting from that perspective.
    I think the idea was, originally, that the new apprenticeships and other training courses, as opposed to staright up education for university, was supposed to take up the extra but certain recent scandals may have put paid to that.
    Either way, there seems to be a bit of eating the sausage from both ends going on....
    Good luck finding something your son wants to do. Don't let them bully you using half truths and scare tactics!

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