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school laptops

Discussion in 'Primary' started by part timer, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Several years ago the school invested lots of money in interactive whiteboards, projectors and laptops. Wouldn't it make sense to renew laptops on a rolling programme? In my 7 teacher school only 2 now have reliable laptops, one teacher brings her own in and the rest of us spend ages waiting for laptops to load up, synchronise with the network or flip over pages. I am extremely hacked off having spent a large part of my weekend preparing smart board lessons and powerpoints to support teaching and learning this week only to have my 8yr old much repaired laptop finally give up the ghost 5 minutes before school.
  2. Makes more sense to have desktops running the whiteboards and buy the teachers £10 usb pendrives to move their work around.

    We have suites of laptops for the children to use (or mobile IT suite!!!) Imagine waiting for 20 of them to connect to the wireless network, update, etc. while you try to teach. Now THAT is a nightmare!

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