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School in Pisa

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by namesake, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I may have a job offer for a school in Pisa. Does anyone know anything about the area that I should know as a non-Italian speaker?
    What are the general wages at international schools there? Is a British contract going to cover me with insurance?

  2. I may have a job offer for a school in Pisa. Does anyone know anything about the area that I should know as a non-Italian speaker?
    What are the general wages at international schools there? Is a British contract going to cover me with insurance?

  3. I've not heard anything too bad about the school but would suggest that you learn some basic Italian before arriving. Wages - not good! However I'm using my current Italian salary as a base - approx. 20,000 euros before any deductions. Social contributions (UK NI) are approx 11%, if the school is accredited to the Italian System then elementary teachers do not pay tax for the first 2 years otherwise I think tax is approx. 25% (but not sure!) On an average month I get paid Euro 1400,00 (a little over £1,000 per month) and I have been qualified 10 years plus.
    Housing can be expensive and I would anticipate that you will have to pay approx Euro 500 maybe more. Utility bills are very expensive gas during the winter for heating/water allow Euro 150 per month plus the same for electricity. Food has shot up over the last 6 months so shopping in Lidl is the only option.
    I don't mean to sound too despondent but it is better to be fully aware before you commit. However if you are simply wanting the 'Italian' experience then go for it but be aware Italian children are not the best in school. I have found them very inconsiderate - loud; telling tales; always asking 'why?'; the parents can be interfering and when things go bad they will go behind your back and straight to the head. I'm actually moving on this year but I do love Italy in fact I'm married to an Italian and we have a home here so I suppose it is different for me.
    Good luck!
  4. Are you moving to another school in Italy teddy bear?

    I am interested and curious in your experience of Italian schools....it rings a bell with me!
  5. OOPS....just saw when reading through some other threads that you are moving to China...is that correct?

    And am I right in thinking that you were only at the Italian School...in motor city for a year? How did you get out of the contract?

    From what I can see your experience there has now confirmed my own reasons for leaving....I am still very curious (and nosey) about your reasons though.

    Perhaps we could exchange stories if you post an e-mail.

    Good luck for your new job....are your family glad about your move?
  6. Teddy1970, yes I am moving on after only 1 year this is due to the standard of education that my son was getting. Basically the school is acceptable - staff in both sectors seem OK except for this one teacher! It is the management that are weak in this school - no backbone! No continuous policies for dealing with behaviour and no continuity from year group to year group. We had to complain as parents and were treat rather badly because my son was on a reduced fees deal! My husband wanted to send our son to an Italian school and in hindsight I wish that I had agreed. Maybe the new head will make some changes for the better but this will take time with many staff not willing to accept changes. I would say watch this space for vacancies at ACAT!
    Yes the far east beckons!
  7. I was offered 22,000 Euros per year, which is similar to what I earned in Berlin. I can see where you are coming from with food and gas/electricity prices. I will consider it before committing.
    I would not have much time to learn Italian, as I would be starting Aug. 25th.
    Well, I will see.

    The person I talked to said that if I have a British contract it is cheaper for them. Does that imply anything about their Italian accreditation. How can I find out if W.International (cathedral ring a bell?) is accredited?
  8. If it does not say on their website, ask! Also confirm the tax/social payments situation.
  9. I know about the school in Pisa because I was offered a job there last month so went to visit. I decided to turn down the offer as certain things did not really add up in my mind. I can tell you about the area and the school if you are interested. You can email me at brani2@yahoo.co.uk
  10. Hi there,
    Just wondering if you took the job (that you were asking about in 2008!). I am in the same position as you were back then, I have had an informal offer of employment today.

    Your info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time


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