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School Improvement INSET

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by whiskyforme, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. whiskyforme

    whiskyforme New commenter

    Each year I hold a whole school 'school improvment' INSET. whole school meaning - all governors and all staff, and all local groups connected to the school. (including our school crossing patrol). lots of self evaluation and a good meal.
    Over the year we have repeated the same principle using different activities. "what next?" what can we do? what should we do to improve?and how?
    What would you change, do
    differently? what would you stop and what would you create. - doing this for every area of the SEF.






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    But to be frank I am getting bored and if I am so are they.
    How can I get a whole school community review of the school, in a different way? I have three hours with them (all morning)... I am happy to share what I have done but I need a spark...
    Thank you

  2. I understand that driving school improvement can be very difficult when the focus is on working through the SEF document; something that has drained the enthusiasm for teaching from hundreds of fine teachers.
    We work with the school development plan as our priority. Assessing whether our activities had seen real improvement in the same way that you are referring to however it does come under the overbearing structure of the SEF and our systems [Bluewave Swift] does the behind the scenes work of automatically relating our School Improvement work to our SEF.
    We work through identifying what has and hasn't worked, curriculum leaders prepare an assessment of their own success and plans and we analyse these in line with the whole school priorities.

    Essentially this is nothing amazing however I wanted to write this as by simply changing the focus from 'an opressive form' (my own, and staff's, opinion) to the SDP has helped reenvigorate our school improvement and evaluation. I don't believe this could have been done without the system at the heart of our processes.
    I've been asked that if I do mention them on the forums that I provide a link to their site so....

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