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School experience

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by freebuffalo, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I wish to apply for PGCE secondary chemistry starting September 2012. I want to get some school experience before I submit my application but I find it quite difficult to find a school.
    TDA has promised to find a school for me, meanwhile I am wondering if some of you have any suggestions or perhaps any teachers in this forum able to help me out?
    Although, I live in Plymouth, I am quite willing to move around anywhere. I have been asking around almost everyone I know and I have sent more than 25 emails and 10 phone calls to different schools but no response yet.
    Since I hold overseas qualification (certified by NARIC as equivalent to British standards), I think it is all the more important that I get some experience from different type of schools in England.
    I have been working as a scientist for 7 years and I have decided for a career change (quite determined to get into teaching). TDA has been very helpful so far. Being from overseas and full time employed makes it a bit harder. I would be grateful if anyone can help.
    Earlier this week, i managed to get into a one day 'Taster course' at a community college here and it was fantastic. I enjoyed it so much that I want more! (This course was advertised on the training providers website).
    It seems like a long journey ahead for me (to become a qualified teacher) but i feel it will be worth it!
  2. Hi freebuffalo,
    You are doing everything correctly and you are on the right track. Teaching secondary chemistry is very good when it comes to benefits... the bursaries are really high!
    However, if you are wishing to get a place for September 2012, I would submit your application as soon as possible because places are beginning to fill. I know you have said you are willing to move wherever, but if you apply now you will have a better chance of getting somewhere you want to be! My friend is applying for secondary and she is realising a lot of her places are already full. The fact you had a TDA taster day (which counts as experience) will help you, but keep trying to get experience in secondary schools.
    Good luck with the process.

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