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School experience help!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by natwest, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Have had an email from my first choice stating that I need to have at least 10 days early years setting experience in a maintained setting before they can consider my application. The problem is, I dont know how im going to get this as Im currently employed as a TA in a secondary school so cannot take two weeks leave in term time to gain the experience.
    I find this unfair as I took a four year degree in the Early Years and had many placements and have worked and even had teaching experience in this sector, but it just hasnt been in the last two years. I just dont know what to do:( Any suggestions?

  2. You will just have to take unpaid leave, tell them the reasons why when asked, and get the necessary experience. Recent experience within the last 2 years is a normal requirement, as things change a lot in schools and they want candidates to have most up-to-date contact with the reality of classroom. Plus being oversubscribed, they can afford to be choosey.
    If you do get shortlisted for interview (they aren't guaranteeing that, are they?), you will then be able to reflect on your most recent experience and your answers will sound more convincing and relevant.
    If you want to go for EY Primary, why are you working as TA in a secondary?
  3. I have recently moved from Essex to Northants and couldnt find work for 8 months - the secondary job was the only job that came up and I needed to pay the bills!
    I cant really afford to take unpaid leave Ive just purchased a new house and have my weddin in July. Just dont know what to do really. Thanks for the advice:)
    Think i have to review my options and see how I can maybe obtain experience from elsewhere

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