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School direct with young children

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by tashatownsend, May 9, 2019.

  1. tashatownsend

    tashatownsend New commenter

    Hi guys,

    So its my first time posting in here. I have been accepted to start a school direct (unsalaried) programme in september. The school its self is in my town so not too far away. The uni is about 30 min drive again not too bad. My main concern are my daughters i have a partmer who works 37 hours a week but who will do everything when im not there and a mum who will cover any gaps where none of us are available for the girls. My eldest turns 4 in august and starts full time reception. My youngest turns 1 in august so will be with my mum or my partner while im not there. She is still breast fed too. Am i trying to do the impossible any advice will be very welcomed. As honestly im having a bit of a freak out. Im trying to get organised as im not the most organised person too. So literally any advice experience or tips
    Thanks for reading this far sorry its a long one.
  2. fluffy81212

    fluffy81212 New commenter

    I am just completing my training year ITT route, my children were 1, 2 and 9 when I started in September, my partner works nights alternating between 66 and 52 hour weeks. I am not going to lie it is hard and you will need all the help you can get to make it work but you can do it. Just mak sure you cut yourself some slack, there will be weeks when it is all freezer meals or the washing is piling up but if you keep doing everything little and often you can make it work.

    Make a plan that works for you with little ones I think the best bet is to get into work early as you can, spend a bit of time together before they go to bed. In the evening split your time into planning and prep, housework and looking after yourself and don't ever cancel the time for yourself unless it is absolutely necessary. Stock up on freezer food, get some document wallets the cardboard kind to help keep your resources away from curious kids at home. Make plans to see friends at regular intervals. Enjoy what you are doing and be proud of what you are achieving for yourself and your family.
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