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School Direct - stay confident!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by balvert, May 12, 2016.

  1. balvert

    balvert New commenter

    Good evening TES,

    I'm emerging from a short period of 'lurkerdom' to share my excitement at being offered a School Direct place for secondary MFL to start in September.

    Having had no responses from my three original choices, my faith and confidence were slowly starting to ebb and I was wondering if anyone would ever reply. By chance (thanks to a very large, flashy banner), I found that a local school was offering SD places so decided to change one of my choices. Within a day the 'new' school had been in touch to invite me for interview the following week! After the interview, they told me there and then that they would offer me the place. Talk about a quick turn around. Confidence restored, I can't wait to get going.

    The next hurdle is the professional skills tests, especially maths which fills me with dread ...:(

    If you're waiting for responses from your choices, don't give up hope. Also, keep sniffing around for other opportunities that may not have appeared when you made your original application. Had I not seen the banner outside the school I would never have known that they were taking on School Direct candidates as their places were not listed on UCAS when I first applied.

    Good luck!

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  2. loubiehigh

    loubiehigh New commenter

    Congrats....I start my sd course in September...if I pass my professional skills tests on Wednesday!!
  3. balvert

    balvert New commenter

    Good luck! Make sure you have your name written on ALL of your ID, especially your 'Evidence of ITT' stuff.

    Don't know if you read the 'Skills Tests - Advice'
    thread but I was turned away from my Literacy test on Saturday because the UCAS letter that I brought didn't have my name on it.
  4. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    Schools Direct --oh dear.
  5. ard13

    ard13 New commenter

    Oh peakster really? Why bother to post that type of message? Please expand on you thoughts about Schools Direct.
  6. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    Sorry - there has been so much on these forums about Schools Direct over the years.
  7. ard13

    ard13 New commenter

    So what's your experience of school direct? or what on the forums makes you say "oh dear"?
  8. balvert

    balvert New commenter

    Cryptic sarcastic comment on an internet forum --oh dear.
  9. Dr_G-nome

    Dr_G-nome New commenter

    Well done Balvert, I am very happy for your success, and wish you the best. Your story also gives me a little ray of hope as I am still 'sniffing' about for opportunities, specifically a secondary Science PGCE placement, specialising in Biology/Chemistry. Who says there is a Science Teacher shortage ?

    Do not worry about the literacy skills test, I did mine a week or two ago and honestly it's fine (haven't done the maths one yet though, so can't comment on that). There are a lot of resources on-line to help you with the tests, as well as the practice tests from the test people themselves.

    Dr. G-nome
  10. SportyK

    SportyK Occasional commenter

    Whilst I applaud @balvert for making the jump. I'm going to stick up for @peakster here. There are a large proportion of teachers worried about the downgrading of QTS and alternative routes other than through traditional university led courses. As a result teachers are wary. On the SD site it refers to working in up to two different schools and qualifying direct - I guess the final decision rests with the HT of the (school). My primary concern is for an entrant who receives less than adequate mentoring and has no support network and guidance other than the staff at the school. (This could be very damaging). Also, whilst the entrant may be very capable, what measures are in place to suggest that he/she is skilled to work at any other school/partnership other than the one they have trained in? If the training is too linear then the entrant has no scope to maneuver. Allowing one person to sign off on your destiny and skills to teach seems way too simplistic to me. Moreover...very, very worrying. There may be some entrants who do extremely well and flourish, what about those who don't? What happens to them? Where do they go when they are disollusioned and don't have the ways or means to cope?
    Last edited: May 22, 2016

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