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School Direct (salaried) a scam?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Sefton1, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. rachelpaula008

    rachelpaula008 Star commenter

    Hello EmCTrin. Agreed - this thread has been a good read. I qualified as a teacher under the Graduate Teacher Programme in 2003 and unfortunately don't have up-to-date knowledge of what you can expect with your interview and test. However I'm 99.999% certain you would be expected to teach other humanities subjects at KS3; so it could be worth your while perusing history and geography to become aware of the topics covered in this Key Stage.

    Good luck with your interview.
  2. My interview for School Direct(unsalaried) went very well apparently, I have lots of potential, my reflection on what I could have done better in the lesson was excellent and "my enthusiasm shone through", however, despite being told all day that they were looking for "potential" and were not expecting candidates to demonstrate actual teaching ability i was turned down as my "classroom management skills were lacking". I pointed out that I knew this, I have little school experience and thought that the point of teacher training was to train me in the skills required to become a teacher! There was some embarrassed apologetic muttering down the phone at that.

    I have no problem with being turned down because other candidates were better, or had more experience and I think it is an excellent opportunity for existing teaching assistants to move their career forward, I just objected to being turned down because I lack the training I was applying for.

    That said, I sailed through the PGCE interview at Hull University and expect to start in September. It will be an enormous struggle financially as I will need to move to Hull instead of living in the family home, and I am not confident that I will be able to afford rent AND food but I'm going to give it my best shot.

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