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School Direct PGCE Advice

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Luke007, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Luke007

    Luke007 New commenter

    Hello teachers!

    I've just accepted an offer from Hull University to start the School Direct PGCE in September and I can't wait to get started.

    I just wondered if anybody could help me on a few things so I can become organised and start to get ready for the course.
    Firstly, I found out that my host school was an infant school not far from where I live. Although I have years' of experience in a primary school setting it has been mainly spent in key stage two and therefore I'm interested as to what challenges I will face or differences that some people find?

    Secondly, I wondered if anybody knows who I can contact about possible bursaries or funding? I know it is a few months away but I am determined to hit the ground running and not waste any free time I have at the moment.

    If anybody could advise me on if there is anything that I can prepare in the meantime I would be very grateful.

  2. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    Student Finance England - as long as you are non-salaried, they will pay your fees and possibly a grant and loan (depending on your individual circumstances).
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  3. gl_clark

    gl_clark New commenter

    Hi Luke,
    I am currently deciding between PGCE at York St John or SD through University of Hull. I have seen your other post too and wondered how you came to the SD decision? Which Alliance are you going through?
    All comments appreciated,
  4. unfinishedsymphony

    unfinishedsymphony New commenter

    Hi Luke,
    I'm not sure how relevant this will be as I am secondary, and trained years ago; also PGCE not school direct.
    But observations, and reflecting on these, are always useful. I assume from "infant school" that you are training to be a KS1 teacher. I also assume that you would have undertaken some KS1 observations prior to interview, but this is likely to have been only a couple of days. So make use of your free time to observe more extensively.
    I would recommend doing some observation of EYFS, especially at this time of year, so that you have an appreciation of the prior learning experiences of students who will be coming to you in September. If you have time at the start of the academic year, before starting your course (but I'm guessing being school direct that this won't be possible); I would suggest observing in lower KS2, as you can then see what you will be preparing your students for. Also spend some more time in KS1. Talk to teachers, ask questions about what you have observed, help out if you're allowed - anything to add to your practical experience. But I would recommend that you try not to do this in the school that you are going to.
    In terms of preparing for the actual course, try to make a start on the reading list (if you have one); as that was the most time-consuming thing for me during my PGCE year - keeping up with the student side (reading and assignments), while doing the job (planning, teaching, marking).
    I hope that is helpful, but as I said, I am secondary. So, it may be worth posting this in the primary forum.
    Good luck!

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