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School Direct Interview & Tests

Discussion in 'Primary' started by daisymagic, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. daisymagic

    daisymagic New commenter

    Hello Everyone,

    I have an interview coming up for a School Direct (unsalaried) place and I was after some information.

    I have to sit a numeracy and literacy test at the interview, does anyone know if these are similar to the Professional Skills Tests? Same level of knowledge, format etc?

    Also, do you have any tips for the interview? Possible interview questions?

    Excited but nervous! :)

    Thank you
  2. gina_smart18

    gina_smart18 New commenter

    Hi do you have an interview as well?
  3. skinnimini

    skinnimini New commenter

    I had an interview in 2016 for the Salaried School Direct programme.

    We had to teach a 20 minute
    lesson, sit a Sats test (Maths and Spag), answer a hypothetical letter of complaint from a parent, a group task (where we each had an article and had to present to and discuss with the group), a presentation and a formal interview.

    The group task, teaching task, presentation and formal interview were all in front of 6 Headteachers who would potentially employ us.

    They will always ask some kind of safeguarding question and why you have decided to go the School Direct route. I was asked about the current curriculum and what I thought children should learn and what made me stand out from other candidates. Can’t remember the others!
    I don’t think the unsalaried interviews are quite as brutal as the one I had!

    Currently halfway through the course and loving it!

    Hope this was helpful.

    Good luck!
  4. auto_loop

    auto_loop New commenter

    I did SD salaried a couple of years ago and, in my interview, had to write for 30 minutes about a question I still remember now:
    Do you agree with the statement: Your education today is your economy tomorrow. Answer with reference to how this informs your future practise.
    I was told they just wanted to see if I could write a coherent sentence. I didn't write anything for 10 minutes and then ended up waffling. Reminded me of A-Levels.

    In the interview was asked general questions about why I wanted to be a teacher and a few safeguarding questions - "what would you do if a child made a disclosure and asked you not to tell anyone?"

    Good luck1
  5. Juliet6079

    Juliet6079 New commenter

    When I interviewed last year, we had to do a Maths test, and it was basically a SATs paper. Then I remember writing a couple of sides of A4 on something, but I can't remember what... probably very similar to what auto_loop has said.
    If you've revised for the skills tests you'll be fine :) Good luck!

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