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School Direct Interview Planning Advice

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Salmon89, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Salmon89

    Salmon89 New commenter

    Hello all,

    I have been offered an interview for a School Direct PGCE which takes place in a couple of days. After having read a number of really helpful posts here on the TES community forum I thought I'd see if I could extract some advice and words of wisdom to get some much needed pointers and opinions on what I have prepared.

    The subject I am hoping to teach is music and as such I have been asked to prepare a 25 minute lesson on 'Popular Song' for a year 8 class, as the this is the topic they will be moving on to study in the spring term. I have read the curriculum, posts on this forum, articles, Ofsted reports on good practice and I am keen to keep the lesson musical and hopefully engaging. Because time is limited and I am unsure of the equipment that will be available my idea for the session revolves around a listening task/quiz.

    I am planning to take an Ipad and a Bluetooth speaker and play excerpts from current songs and ask students to respond to questions (per track) on a prepared sheet. The questions will be;

    1. Name an instrument used in the track,
    2. What genre is the song?
    3. Is the track major or minor?/how does it make you feel - happy/sad/excited etc?.

    I am aiming to play 5 tracks and have the activity last about 10 minutes with another couple of minutes for feedback. I would like to get into this as quickly as possible but have prepared for a short introduction to the task; it's relevance to their musical development (importance of developing your ears with regards to listening to music) and then a brief discussion of what the terms 'popular song' and 'genre' mean (with examples). Throughout I hope to be interacting with the students and keep a light hearted dialogue going to develop a rapport and keep them engaged. For the final few minutes I would review the task and learning outcomes.

    I will propose 3 learning objectives;

    - To learn what is meant by 'Popular Song'
    - To develop critical listening
    - To learn about musical genre's

    I realise much of this sounds a bit stiff and formal but I'm not yet comfortable in planning or gauging what will be the most appropriate for their learning while still making the session engaging and enjoyable for the students. I also realise that I have said I want to keep the lesson musical but the task revolves around listening and writing on a sheet, but hopefully I can make the dialogue and interaction engaging and asking students to think about specific musical characteristics while listening to current songs will develop their ability and understanding.

    I hope there isn't too much waffle there, I really appreciate any and all feedback, advice, tips or experience anyone can offer and I hope I'm not to naïve or too far off the mark in what I'm looking to deliver.


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