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School Direct Interview observation class

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by WZA_P, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. WZA_P

    WZA_P New commenter

    HI everyone, any help would be appreciated!

    I have applied for school direct and been offered an interview next Friday.

    This is the information I have been given

    You will be observed teaching a Year 8 History lesson with the objective of: To explain the impact of James Simpson and Joseph Lister on surgery. A data sheet for the class is attached along with our lesson planning pro forma to aid with your preparation.

    The data sheet is very hard to understand, there's so key for the abbreviations etc

    The observed class is going to be an hour (seems long to me from what I have read of others experience?)

    I am going to ask the following questions beforehand.

    (1) how detailed does the lesson plan need to be? I have been looking at it and there seem to some things that I cannot complete due to lack revenant information e.g such identifying able and gifted students and direction for next lessons…
    (2) I must confess I don’t have experience of risk assessments, at least not in the classroom, what should I put there?
    (3) should I be setting homework?
    (4) will I have access to overhead projector and programs like word or powerpoint?
    (5) should/can I do an activity at the start to introduce myself/get to know the students?
    (6) I dont quite get 'How will tasks be differentiated to achieve the desired outcomes’, like tasks differentiated between students based on their ability?
    (7) is there a LSA?

    please any tips as to what I could/should/should not do
    are any of my questions really stupid/obvious? if so what the answer?
    are there any questions I haven't thought of but should ask?

    I have been teaching English abroad fro about 6 years, but have very little experience of English schools having only worked as a SEN TA 6 months and I have never taught a class like this, I also know zero about the subject, I have literally never heard of these doctors so ill have to research that also.

    It seems like a lot to ask of a teacher with no experience teaching or planning these types of lessons but maybe I'm just being naive. In a previous interview I just had to give like a 20 min class to a group of teachers about WW1...

  2. jbsw27

    jbsw27 New commenter

    I assume the lesson plan was provided to just help the observer understand what you are doing, not to test if you can plan a lesson rigorously with all the information boxes on it.

    I wouldn't complete a risk assessment either as you haven't seen the classroom/building in order to see one.
    The same goes for homework, the lesson plan will just be a generic plan they've sent you and they won't of thought about the worries going through your head now.

    I would assume you will have access to a projector, I'd be worried if not! And in my opinion a simple introduction of yourself and a polite few words thanking the kids etc as opposed to an activity introducing yourself as it isn't relevant to the subject.

    I would also assume you don't have an LSA as they are like gold dust in the current climate,and if you do have one then that's a bonus.

    Good luck :)
  3. WZA_P

    WZA_P New commenter

    Thanks very much!

    I imagine you’re right in everything you say but would it reflect badly on me to ask for confirmation?
  4. jbsw27

    jbsw27 New commenter

    It wouldn't exactly fill them with confidence, and It isn't really professional to ask questions related to things you can do, as they will be expecting you to be creative and come up with your own lesson and ideas. If you are really worrying about the projector then that may be an appropriate question, but in modern schools there is almost always access to a projector and if not they should have informed you of that to inform your planning.

    Also in relation to the differentiation, have an extra task/resource to push the more able kids that may finish the work faster.

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