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School denying access to RE adviser

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Delbertino, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Was looking for people's thoughts on this issue.
    I'm an NQT and single person department. Inherited a very poor and irrelevant curriculum that I decided to throw out and rewrite.
    At time sit has been a real struggle and for a few months now I've been asking to get the adviser in to help with my planning and to get my head around the LAS. However the school has not had anything in place for KS4 RE this year and they are refusing to allow me to see the adviser until I sort out arrangements for KS4 next year AND give them all my SOW for KS3. My concern is that I won;t be allowed to see the adviser if my SOW aren't all up to standard, despite the fact I'm asking to see the adviser to help ensure they are.
    To me it seems that the school are leaving me hanging in order to cover their own backs.
    Does anyone think this is the case or am I reading it wrong?
  2. Hi delbertino,
    I could be getting the wrong end of the stick here, i'm a brand new NQT, but why would a school have to 'cover their backs' against an adviser? I thought they were just there to advise, not to judge.
    If you're an NQT, maybe you could get some advice from your old ITT trainer/ tutor? I know mine would be happy to help. That way you can go direct to them, perhaps get some help and see where you stand without having to involve the school initially? Or perhaps NATRE might be able to help?
    I'm not sure why the school are all defensive, maybe they just need to understand the role of an adviser and be reassured that they wouldn't get in trouble if they ask for help. No expert, but that's what I would do!
    Hope this helps...I'm sure a more wisened poster will add more!
  3. Why does your school have a say in you contacting your RE Advisor? You should not have to go through them. I am in regular contact with my RE Advisor via email. She also came in for free to help me with a couple of issues when I like you (6 years ago) was a single team NQT inheitating a subject which had, at the time, been deemed unsatisfactory by OFSTED.
    Email your RE Advisor tell her the issues your school are causing and secondly get in contact with Head s of RE in schools in your area who are in a similar position.
    Also, I am in contact with people I trained with and although we are two different areas in Englans (myself Cambridgeshire) my friend (Manchester) we have been writing schemes together to half our workload.
    I wish you luck :)
  4. weebleme

    weebleme New commenter

    I would seriously consider contacting NATRE for some support, or like wattsy85 said link in with someone you have trained with. I've been writing schemes of work with a friend and it really helped us both improve our teaching, have a sounding board and halved our workload.
    I hope you get sorted soon. Let us know what themes you were looking at and maybe we can help!
  5. I would absolutely endorse the fact that you can access the adviser with or without consent. any more obstacles and i would ask your union rep for advice - there has got to be some legal objection to the way the school is behaving.
    i am incredulous that they have so much fear in the school - i thought no-one cared any more about what happens in RE!! if schools are axing the subject because ofsted is toothless, what on earth do your school think an adviser can do to them?
  6. Well whats happening is that I can get in touch with the Advisor by email and phone, but I need them to come in for a day to support my planning. The school don't want them to come in for that in case the advisor suggests they need an inspection because they haven't had any yr 10 and 11 RE
    Thanks for suggestions. The union rep has said that the school are failing to provide the support I need for the subject.
  7. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference New commenter

    If the school doesn't want to pay for additional adviser time, request an Advanced Skills Teacher: they will cost the school nothing and are there to help.
  8. Its not an issue of money
  9. As a compromise, why not arrange to meet your RE adviser yourself after school for a couple of evenings. If the adviser is worth his/her salt, then it won't take very long for them to be able to recommend what action needs to be taken and one meeting might be all you need.
  10. Don't compromise - just who do they think is going to inspect the school now ofted has been castrated? Why not ask the adviser for reassurances about his or her role to go straight to the head? That and the union threat should sort it.

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