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School days to get longer

Discussion in 'Education news' started by phlogiston, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    Did you mean QTS rather than NQT?

    As for point 11 I do believe they started spending the money as soon as the system began and it was clear that it would always be that way so no real surprises there, those working always paid for those who had previously been paying in had they not?

    If this has suddenly become a problem I am pretty sure it's due to changing perceptions of how the system should work not how it does work.
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  2. install

    install Star commenter

    Oops -yes QTS...

    Pt11 I agree but, what was not known already was that teachers pensions would change so dramatically.

    And lo and behold MPs pensions remain protected -despite statements like 'we are all in this together'.....
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  3. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    Yes very true... we have been paying in and mislead to say the least, if it were a private pension I wonder if we would have recourse under the financial standards ombudsman? Perhaps we should have recourse in any event since if education is to be run as a business it should be answerable as a business!
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  4. mattshort

    mattshort New commenter

    Thanks, I've been looking for specifics on this for hours.
  5. delnon

    delnon Lead commenter

    It takes enormous effort for MPs to come up with policies which successfully combine both the conspiracy and the incompetence theories.
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  6. drek

    drek Star commenter

    I wonder why the public does not demand more openess about the link between what MPs lobby for and the lucrative directorships they and their family members accrue after their term is over.
    Legalised corruption is such a part of our culture now!
  7. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Head teacher now moved on to bettet things i suppose?
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  8. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    Hmmm - Got Rid Of by the academy chain big-wigs. So, probably - yes.
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  9. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Good point. I went to a Grammar school from 1965-1970 (it became a comprehensive for my 6th Form years). We finished at 4pm or 4.15pm (can't remember which) but we had over an hour for lunch and had morning and afternoon breaks too. Most High schools now have a morning break and between 25 and 40 minutes for a lunch break, with no bfreak in the afternoon session.
    I can remember inter-school netball matches taking place in the lunch break. We also had a chapel on site and once a week there was an optional Mass (minus sermon) in the chapel during the lunch break. Our total lesson times and school weeks were no longer than nowadays. The main difference for our teachers was that they had 14 weeks of holidays (the same as pupils then and now) as they didn't have the 5 INSET days which were taken from annual leave.
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  11. delnon

    delnon Lead commenter

    That is how it was for me, too. The lunch hour was long enough for meetings of clubs and societies and for choir practice. Then as now, quite a number of pupils travelled some distance, and so could not participate in after-school activities.
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  12. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Ditto. As there was only one RC Grammar school for Girls in the large town, special buses brought us in and took us home. If you missed that bus, you either walked or got 2 or 3 service buses if you had cash. I only ever had money on me on school dinner money collection day.
    There were some inter-school sports events after school but most clubs happened in the lunch break.

    It was the era when teachers went on strike over dinner duties and went off site for weeks in the lunch break. You can't do that with a 25 minute break! You'd get somewhere to have lunch and have to set off back to school immediately!
  13. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    or sit in your car with a flask and sarnies
  14. drek

    drek Star commenter

    And it is these sort of people running our schools these days modelling good leadership to all the up and coming ones.

    Mindless rhetoric. Repetitive Key impressive phrases, acquiring lapdog followers writing out long reports about their own effectiveness as leaders and kerching job done
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  15. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    IMG_5251.JPG IMG_5251.JPG
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  16. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    I thought the Finns had the shortest school days and no homework that led to their success?

    And in Asia they have tonnes of homwork and 12 to 18 hours a day that led to their success.

    Oh hang on.....

    Could it be that society gets the education that reflects its society? What schools do matters very little. Or teachers. Sad but sometimes I wonder.
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