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School closure decision

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Mithras, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know who has the final say over closing a school during strike action?
    Should it be the headteacher, or does the chair of governors' decision hold sway?
  2. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Day to day running is head's decision, surely?
  3. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    The headteacher. It's usual to ring the Chair of Governors beforehand to tell them you plan to close and explain why, thereby gaining their support when you get the torrent of complaints and the LA officer rings you up and says, 'I think you could have kept the school open, with all 1000 pupils in, on only 3 staff.' (I'm not making that bit up)
  4. Such a variety of reaction in this cluster of schools. Schools closed, schools partially open, schools being kept open by heads who are arranging cover. Confused issue. Confused further by Union member teachers not backing strike.
    I was going to close the school for the day, primarily to support the 80% of my staff who are striking. However the few who are NUT members but are refusing to strike should not get a days paid holiday when others are prepared to sacrifice salary for thoir cause!
    So...my school will be partially open to those classes who have apathetic/pathetic/weak/husband advised/not wanting to upset the LA class teachers. Strangely the same NUT members who refused to sign the petition relating to SATS abolishment.
    I wonder if they will refuse to take the compromised model which will be the result of the action?

    One local school has only one teacher who is prepared to strike. That taecher is receiving pressure from staff/head and has been told......"we are not striking because we are too committed".
    I will support my staff and expect their support in return when Heads take action in the new academic year.
  5. We're closed, all ATL and NUT staff are taking action, leaving me and two NASUWT teachers to keep 500 kiddies at bay..Health and Safety says no.
    I believe we're the only school round here not open. Head from nearest school says my staff are a disgrace, can't agree, I'm sure she and her mob will gladly take any extras gained from action, which includes SAT's if indeed there are any positive changes.......
  6. Have just read my letter from that nice Mr Gove reminding me of my moral duties as a HT. Maybe I will write back to remind him of his........ or maybe I could waste my time watching paint dry.
  7. We're closing. I was surprised at the number of local schools who are partially closing with just one or two classes remaining open. Surely that will be more of an inconvenience for parents who have children in more than one class? And how many will just keep both children at home anyway?
  8. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    Why surpised by partial closure ericha?
    Irrelevant of the rights and wrongs of the strike, surely the only grounds for turning children away from school is if their health and safety will be compromised?
    If the non-teaching staff are all present, and the one or two classes have a teacher reporting for duty, what grounds are there to turn those one or two classes away?
  9. Thank you all for your replies. We are partially open after our Chair of Governors 'advised' the head teacher that it was what he wanted. There will be no cover from members of other unions. It seems odd that 4 out of 7 classes will not be in.
  10. So pleased you are not my head, so as not to be described as one of your 'apathetic/pathetic/weak/husband advised/not wanting to upset the LA class teachers'.
    The choice whether to strike or not is personal and a person in your senior position should not openly condemn others. I have never had to decide upon whether to strike or not before this action and I am luckily enough to have a head who has supported all decisions made.
  11. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Me too! This head sounds awful.
  12. well at my school I have to make the decisions whether or not to close the school. This is because the governors think it is my School My Decision

  13. I'm closing my school. 8/11 teachers on strike. My Chair of Govs fully supports me. The LA has told me I need to take a register of who comes in to work - in case of an emergency! Quite looking forward to having a day catching up on all the paperwork that has mounted up on my desk!
  14. To describe teachers who are not striking as 'apathetic/pathetic/weak/husband advised/not wanting to upset the LA class teachers' is shockingly narrow minded. There could be any number of reasons why a teacher has decided not to strike and just because they do not agree with your views that does not necessarily make them any of the above.

    They must be very strong willed if they work for a a head like you, who is obviously very biased. You say that you want to support your staff, but obviously that does not include those who do not hold the same views as you!!
  15. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    I work in a 2 form entry school, the head told us in a briefing g that he is not allowed to cover classes with supply teachers on Thursday, legally we do not need to tell him if we are going to strike as we could just not turn up and this may cause more disruption. He respects those who are prepared to tell him before hand. A meeting took place and think out of 12 classes 5 teachers are striking, 2 are nasuwt and on a course, no letter has gone home yet to say whether school is closed? My numbers in my head think ummmmmmm 12 classes 7 teachers??????? How is it going to work? Nasuwt teachers have said, though not on strike they will not be covering classes so ummmmmmm would you say closure?
  16. My head is closing our school - 7 out of about 18 teachers on strike. I have to go in, so wouldn't be 'getting a day off' and being paid not to strike as I will be working my normal hours. I, too, am looking forward to being able to catch up on loads of things that have been on the backburner for a long time.
  17. How offensive that you view staff who do not strike as apathetic/pathetic/weak/husband advised etc....
    I won't be striking because I do not believe in striking...for anything! I would not belong to a union if I didn't feel that unfortunately we have become too litigious a society to risk it...I certainly won't be pressured into striking because someone insults me for not doing.
    Thank goodness you are not my Head! I wonder if you engender the same ethos in your school towards your pupils...agree with me, or I will insult you!
  18. Sounds like a great head to me who genuinely cares about the welfare of their staff. Don't dare moan when your pay is 100 quid down month after month. Or when you're still teaching at 68, riddled with arthritis.
  19. As above. Also don't complain when your PPA time is eroded and your holidays are slashed. Please don't complain cos no-one will listen.
  20. Maybe I am your head? ArrrgHHHHHH!

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