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School banning USB sticks

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sazzagirl1987, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. The School i am working in is going to ban the use of USB sticks. Does anyone elses school have this policy? What else do you use?
  2. The School i am working in is going to ban the use of USB sticks. Does anyone elses school have this policy? What else do you use?
  3. Under what grounds are they banning them?
  4. virus circulation
  5. kym131218

    kym131218 New commenter

    My school states we are not allowed to but we are still doing it until they give us a school laptop to work from home. His else do they expect us to carry our own planning etc ....... Xxxxx
  6. Hi we are not BANNING them but have been asked to limit their use, can't put them in certain computers and to be honest I was sick of the infections and virus I seems to get from the computers in school, so now I don't use a USB stick, if I need to share anything I share it on the 'S' drive in work, I have a 'brick' to back up my files which is not used in school and print my planning etc out x
  7. i think they are actually going to do something to the system so that once usbs are plugged in the comp wont find them or run them?
  8. inq


    I tend to email things to myself either home to school or school to home.
  9. Our school is looking into providing secure encrypted memory sticks to minimise the risk that they could be lost and pupil data exposed which would breach data protection rules. However your school system should have virus checkers - can't you just be told to scan before you open the pen drive - it is possible to disable the automatic launch facility so that you have to open it yourself, which should remind you to scan it before you open anything...

    Try suggesting it and see what they say.
  10. Our neighbouring local authority (Wales) has a 'no usb stick' policy.
  11. I have worked in schools where they are banned due to the safety of data - eg having documents with children's names on etc that could be accessed if you lost it, rather than the virus issue.
    You could use a free online storage facility such as dropbox, then you would rarely need to use a usb stick.
    The only problem comes when your internet is down and you cant access your files...![​IMG]
  12. If they are worried about the safety of data with a USB, surely there is far far more risk with an online storage facillity (I'm guessing however seeing as most of the people who put these stupid polcies in place have little if no actual knowledge of how such things work, I very much doubt they realise this) - the only people who could get the data from the USB are those that would find the physical stick - therefore be a grown up and don't loose it. Sorry, forgot - we aren't trained professional adults, we are childish idiots who can't be trusted to not give away photos of children to the local nonce.[​IMG]
    (sorry, getting very sick of the stupidity of various things in school at the moment.)
  13. We had lots of problems with viruses, but now we hand our USB sticks in once a month for virus checking and we've been fine since then.
  14. School Boy Error

    School Boy Error Occasional commenter

    We have never had a problem with a virus since we have virus software on the machines. I bought all the staff (25) memory sticks. They were £8 and then I download the U3 software that meant the staff can put a password on their before they can be opened. If the password is incorrect on three occasion all data is lost and therefore thoroughly protected if the memory stick is lost or stolen.
    Banning them is the most ridiculous and counter productive thing I have ever heard of in my entire life!
  15. i do this anyway as i have lost countless usb sticks - but we've had them banned as well now
    have been caught a couple of times by 'no internet' so try to keep a couple of days ahead

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