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Schemes of work if anyone is interested?!!!!

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by Becalina, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. I know this is an old posting but if I you still have those schemes or any others relating to genre, I'd be most grateful. Thanks!
  2. Perfect!! Am searching for something inspirational for GENRE and Narrative, please send me a copy;[​IMG]

    many thanks x
  3. ommotto

    ommotto New commenter

    Kindly forward me the SoW
  4. Dancing Butterfly

    Dancing Butterfly New commenter

  5. The original post is from 2006 - three years ago!! Read whole threads before you join in!!
  6. sorry new to all this!
  7. Please forward me a copy... would be greatly appreciated
  8. would love a copy please.
  9. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    This thread is really quite bizarre - as someone said above, the original post was three years ago. Is anyone actually receiving the SoW that were offered all those years ago? [​IMG]
  10. Surely it would make more sense to have added the SoW to the resources section of TES and then people can download it as they want rather than the original post author having to take time out of a busy teacher schedule to email people?
    Or is that too easy and simple ? lol

  11. Hia, this would be invaluble to me- i'm teaching it this term n i've never done any media studies before!

    Laura ITT
  12. sorry that's l.l.nelson@durham.ac.uk
  13. I have to join Mr Puss on this - it is at least the third time I have posted this - but ommott and veggie delight - please read previous posts, then wish this one a happy birthday and let it die!! Nobody will send you stuff if you can't be bothered to look at previous posts!!!!

  14. This scheme must look like Miss Havisham by now!!? hahaahahah
  15. Have you thought about adding this to the resources section of the site? This would bring your work to much bigger audience today and for the future?

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