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Schemes of work if anyone is interested?!!!!

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by Becalina, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. THANKS!
  2. jodirola

    jodirola New commenter

    If the schemes of work are still being emailed I would love a copy. New to teaching media studies and struggling somewhat at the moment. If I can return the favour with English resources I would be more than happy to. thetempestrocks@hotmail.co.uk
  3. I have just picked up the responsibility and have to produce a scheme of work in two weeks for an ofsted paper
    inspection so would appreciate anything and everything you could let me have....desperate !! michael

  4. That would be fab! Thank you so much..

  5. Hey Becalina,
    I hope you're alright.
    I would very much appreciate any schemes of work you have on media and would be able to send you some English schemes in return should you have anything you think I would benefit from. I am an NQT in English, but have been asked to teach AS media next year, so would very much like to see some ideas on how to teach media and would appreciate anything that you may have to offer.
    My email address is t4nn1e@hotmail.com

    Thank you very much
    Kind regards,
  6. ivandarkone@hotmail.com

  7. I would love copies of any schemes of work you have! [​IMG]
    Many thanks!!!
  8. Hi there, I know your original message is very old now but if you still have any media schemes I would be sooo grateful!
    my email is groovygoose5@hotmail.com
  9. Hi
    this would be really welcome as I have just started teaching Media and am struggling:)

    my e mail is

  10. I'd love a copy too. Im applying to do a Media PGCE so this would be a great help with my application.

  11. Have any of you noticed that this thread started three years ago??!!! Not sure OP wants to be hassled every year - read whole thread first!!
  12. Hi Becalina
    Thanks for your offer, yes please!

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