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Scheme of work for French AS level using 'Elan' with WJEC exam board

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by boop, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Hello.

    I'm beginning a new AS level French text this autumn 'Elan' with the WJEC examining board and was wondering if anyone had a scheme of work I could look at to see if I'm on track with my planning...
  2. Hello.

    I'm beginning a new AS level French text this autumn 'Elan' with the WJEC examining board and was wondering if anyone had a scheme of work I could look at to see if I'm on track with my planning...

  3. Don't do WJEC but can send you my SOW for Elan with AQA - might be something you could adapt? Can you post an email or email me at redpens@live.com?
  4. could I be really cheeky and ask to see your copy too? we are with AQA and have Elan and am struggling over a decent SOW.

  5. jujul

    jujul New commenter

    As I am in process of writing SOW for AQA with Elan, I would be interested to see yours. My email is grignardjulie@hotmail.com


  6. Hi redpens - am just starting the new AS with AQA and using the new Elan - also just starting being HOD so would really welcome your help with a SOW.....

    Thanks ever so - my email is pwillmott@wrekin.ac.uk



  7. <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">You have mail!</font>
  8. Any chance of that SOW? It'd be much appreciated. My email is nmbates@btinterent.com
    Thanks in advance.

  9. daisytoo

    daisytoo New commenter

  10. Hi redpens - thanks so much.....really helpful SOWs, and the handout looks very useful too...


  11. Dear Redpens
    Could I also jump on your Scheme of Work bandwagon. I am using Elan wih Edexcel and would really appreciate a look at the SOW you have put together for the new edition of Elan.

    Thank you/merci bien!
  12. Nick
    Email me at redpens@live.com and I'll send you a copy. It's for AQA but could be adpated I'm sure
  13. Hi redpens, I don't suppose you have an A2 SoW for AQA or WJEC as well? I'm being thrown in at the deep end never having taught it before and would really appreicate any help I can get!
    Many thanks.
  14. I've only got the the old version but happy to email you that
  15. s.rnd

    s.rnd New commenter

    Hi All, I'm starting teaching AS and A2 with Elan next year (WJEC) and was wondering if someone wouldn't mind sharing their SOW with me too?
    Thanks in advance.

    please email rnd@o2.co.uk
  16. Hi Nick
    I'm moving to a new school in Sept and will need a new SOW for Edexcel Year 13 with Elan (new edition). If you could send me a copy of your SOW, I'd be really grateful. My current email is ran_asm@ranelagh.bracknell-forest.sch.uk
    Thank you so much
  17. I am teaching AS level french for the first time and would appreciate some help.
    I have only ne student in my class and he is very smart ; i would like to have a look at your SOW to see if m on the right track.
  18. Just read your message about the SOW for Elan. I`ve just begun a WJEC version of it and would love to see yours - any chance of you sending it to me ? My e-mail is aj.1961@hotmail.com - cheers !
  19. cliera

    cliera New commenter

    could i be cheecky as well, and ask for the sheme of work ?
    here is my email., cliera@hotmail.com

    merci beaucou[

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