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SCE primary schools

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by laza93, May 8, 2011.

  1. Can anyone give me any advice about working in an SCE primary school in Germany. I have an interview there soon and just wanted some infor as to what it would be like,
  2. HI, I have made it into the NQT pool for this year so have been asking that question too. There's a lot of good information if you search the forum, some of it old but a lot of it up to date. What I can tell you from the interview I had is that the troops will be pulling out of Germany but it shouldn't affect the school side of things until 2019. Also I have heard overwhelmingly that they are a fantastic organisation to work for. Hope that's a little help!
  3. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    The question you've got to ask yourself when considering a teaching post overseas - why do you want to work overseas?
    <ol>[*]Money[*]Experience[*]Lifestyle[*]Culture[*]Travel opportunities</ol>
    Plus many others that regular posters might add!
    However when working for SCE - I would agree they are reasonably good to work for in terms of benefits - MPS+ salary; free housing for 5 years; cheap electricity & gas; access to VAT free cars; cheap subsidised petrol; ration cards for coffee, whiskey plus others - so that comes under the huge umbrella of money (my point 1) What people fail to remember is that we are predominantly talking about Germany - teaching predominantly English speaking kids from UK families using the UK curriculum. I'm hoping you are starting to get my drift - points 2 - 5 are very difficult to achieve in a UK state school in a location representative of a council estate in a country that is as expensive as the UK to live with the same behavioural problems as a UK school (if not more so) and schools that regularly do not score too highly with inspections (in fact when I worked for them I knew of at least 5 primary schools under special measures!)
    I sought alternatives after my 5 years back in 2004 and have travelled to 3 continents, experienced different cultures/religions, seen many sights that I would have not otherwise seen and have met many wonderful people from all over the world. I now have many years experience teaching EAL children and at one point out of 15 children in my class in Nigeria had 12 different nationalities - the satisfaction you get from that is magical!
    You will not get that with SCE! Sorry if this bursts your bubble but there are so many posts asking about SCE and so many people wishing to work for them as an organisation! My advice think outside the box as there are many alternatives!
  4. ImmodestyBlaise

    ImmodestyBlaise New commenter

    Very interesting post Lovely Lady.
  5. The MOD SDSR will affect the schools in Germany quite heavily. Windsor school in Rheindahlen is due to close in July 2013 (with the camp closing in 2014/15). There are many rumours regarding Gloucester school in Hohne - with the view that it may very well close in 2015. Llittle is known about PRS in Rinteln, and Kings in Gutersloh is expected to stay until the end... around 2019 at the moment. Obviously these dates are very fluid and you have to adapt an 'on the bus, off the bus' mentality. The schools go at the risk when the Garrisons are due to close.
    The other secondary schools in Cyprus (St John & King Richard) seem safe for the moment, as the Sovereign Base Areas over there are largely unaffected by the SDSR (although rumours about KRS have abounded for years). I believe that the Cyprus primaries are also fine. St Christophers in Gibraltar is closing, as is (I think) Toucan school in Belize. Brunei's primary school seems fine.
    It's pretty much like this: As the schools are 'put at risk' to close - positions that come up in other SCE schools are offered to the 'at risk' teachers. If these jobs are not accepted, then they appear in the TES. However it is a bit of a nightmare at the moment with all the Civil Servant redundancies and there are hundreds of rumours flying around all over the place.
    This is not meant to be anything more than a brief guide to what is going on at the moment - hope it may help :)

  6. sun seeker

    sun seeker New commenter

    It seems odd that there are still jobs being advertised as you would expect those at risk to be clammering for a more secure post. One in Cyprus is currently on it's second advert! I was led to believe that only the schools in Germany were closing and the blurb within the application packs supports this. I am now quite concerned about applying at all. Are you sure about the schools beyond Germany like Gib? this is one place I would be keen to go. Thanks.
  7. englishtt06

    englishtt06 Occasional commenter

    Cyprus and Brunei are the most secure. Gibraltar will definitely close, Belize is in the process of closing. Here in Germany the picture constantly changes - one minute we were going in 2014, the next we're being told it could take 10 years before we go! There is a lot of internal shuffling but it is not an exact system (retirements, over-subscribed in some skills/key stages, undersubscribed in others) so there are still externally advertised vacancies, it is just that their frequency may be diminshing. At the moment, personnel in closing schools are being offered jobs as they become available but they don't have to take them (some preferring redundancy, which at the moment is a very generous package!).
    By the way, the poster who pointed out the pitfalls of SCE Germany above is correct in everything she says but she missed out one important thing - what she has outlined is exactly why some people prefer to work for SCE than other international schools! I try to see as much as Germany as I can (and can speak some German as I used to teach in the German school system). There are those who choose never to go outside the Brit bubble but it is like anywhere on this planet - it's what you make of it that counts. I see it as a base to explore mainland Europe. It is also a good, safe base for families or for those looking for their first post abroad. The package is also still very generous so travel/adventure is very easy.
  8. ImmodestyBlaise

    ImmodestyBlaise New commenter

    Very interesting posts Addey and Englishtt06. Thanks.
  9. Enjay94

    Enjay94 New commenter

  10. Dramakween

    Dramakween New commenter

    Enjay94, I am about to send you a 'conversation'
  11. Dramakween

    Dramakween New commenter

    Lovely.lady, I hope you don't mind but I've sent you a 'conversation'.

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