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SCE Nqt/primary pool

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by skigirl, May 8, 2012.

  1. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    Has anyone had their clearances through yet? Just wondering.
  2. Do you mean has anyone received the forms, or heard that they've got clearance? I'm assuming it'll take about 8 weeks, like a CRB.
  3. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    Heard they are cleared. My crb came back really quick, but it's been 12 weeks and I'm still not cleared:s was hoping it would happen quicker. I feel in limbo.
  4. In that case no. I only received my forms a few weeks ago though. I didn't really ask much about the clearances at the interview though, so I don't know if they actually tell you you're cleared or just tell you you've got a job. I feel the same, but can't do anything except wait with crossed fingers!
  5. When did you get your interview? I literally sent my forms back about 1.5 weeks ago, surely clearance isn't that fast ha. I was interviewed in mid March by the way (NQT pool)
  6. I'm the same, sent my forms back about 2-3 weeks ago for the NQT pool and now I'm hoping it doesn't quite take 13 weeks to hear back! skigirl I guess I'm lucky I'm moving to Germany soon anyway, I don't know what I'd do if I was staying in the UK and applying for other jobs as well. Hopefully you'll hear about a job soon to make your decision easier!
  7. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    Thanks. I'm finding the whole thing so demoralising. I've applied to loads here. Not getting much supply. I'm kind of hoping for long term supply in sept as then I'm not subject to a terms notice. Either that or a job in sept with SCE.

    Ooh lucky to be moving to Germany. I love it there:)

    They told me 13 weeks isn't considered a long time for clearance and thought it was quite normal. It is long when you're checking your email 176 times a day waiting;)
  8. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    A min of 8 weeks for clearance was what I was told .
  9. Do you know if they can offer positions before clearance or not?

    The other person for the NQT pool, sorry I cant remember your name :) did you get an email from the admin lady the other day about NQT placements?
  10. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    I was told you couldn't be offered before you are cleared, but someone else may have been told something else?
  11. I was told heads can only see our application once we've been cleared. Yes, I had an email the other day, I guess they're double checking availability so they can offer jobs for September once we've all been cleared.
  12. I applied for loads last year with no luck, so I'm glad to just be applying for one pool this year. I think I've been checking my email constantly since I applied! I guess by the time I'm cleared it shouldn't be too long to wait to find out if there are jobs for September. I've been quite lucky with supply and had quite a bit of work from approaching schools directly (I would have had about 10 days work all year if I was waiting for agency calls), so if I don't end up full time in September I'll try to carry on with supply over there. Hopefully the supply will pick up for you. I had to spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year contacting schools to let them know I was still available before it picked up.
  13. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    An email from SCE checking availability? I havnt:( are you Nqt or primary pool?
  14. NQT, so don't worry.
  15. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    ;) I hope you get something for sept!
  16. They've taken on 16 NQTs into the pool this year, so quite a lot, I hope we all get placed. Good luck. Are you PGCE or BEd/BA hons? Specialism?

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