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Scandinavian stories/Norse Mythology in Year 2? Anyone know of any good resources?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by CloakandWings, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hi, we are starting a month of literacy based on stories from around the world, one the places we'll be looking at is Scandinavia. I'm finding it quite hard to locate any resources for this, does anyone know of any? Thanks, C
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I used a Norse creation myth Ymir the giant from Three Rapping Rats last year with Y2
  3. I'm Swedish, any particular type of stories you are looking for?
    There's a lovely book by Neil Gaiman which is inspired by Norse mythology called Odd and the Frostgiants.
    I find that children usually enjoy any of the stories about Thor and the giants. The one where he dresses up as Freya to trick the giants is particularly popular =)
  4. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    I teach year 7 so a bit older but I found lots of good resources googling Beowulf for kids.
  5. Wow! Thanks for all these suggestions. I will check them out later.

    Sassyfrassy: it doesn't have to be any particular kind of story, but we would prefer them to be stories which are important to the local cultures, and preferably where the setting reflects the country of origin. For those reasons, we probably are looking more for traditional/folk tales - rather than Pippi - (though I love Pippi!).

    Helena H: I did think about Beowulf, as I have a kids version of it, I wasn't sure if it would be suitable. I might look at in again.

    Thanks people. x
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Beowulf is English rather than Scandinavian (well Anglo Saxon) but written in English in the 11th/12th Century
  7. Elsa Beskow's books are very typical scandinavian and absolutely lovely picture books.
    Astrid Lindgren wrote some lovely less fantasy based books as well, I think they are called Noisy Village (barnen i bullerbyn). Anything by Astrid Lindgren really would be important in Swedish culture and something all children grow up hearing and reading. Most beloved sister by Astrid Lindgren has a more fairy tale setting but is absolutely gorgeous.
    Typical scandinavian fairy tales would often include trolls, skogsra (a forest elf without a back and a tail who lure people away), nacken (a nakid man playing the fiddle in streams, luring people in to drown sometimes) and tomtar, small gnomes, dressed in grey with red hats who help out on farms.Nature magic feature high on the list. Unfortunately all the books I have are in Swedish so not much help =/

  8. Msz, I won't do Beowulf then - thanks for that!

    Sassyfrassy - thank you again. I've seen some books on Amazon by Astrid Lindgren about Tomten, might try one of them, I've also found a book of Viking Stories.

    Thanks for all your help! x
  9. Stories about tomten would be good. The name is the same as the swedish name for santa claus, but very different creatures. They lived on farms where they would help out and bring good luck. However, the farmers had to treat tomten with respect and leave out lovely porridge for him, in particularly at christmas, or he would turn mean and give the farm bad luck.

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