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Scally Brown -scam

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by oakapple, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Interesting!
    I replied saying I'd pass the letters onto 'the appropriate authorities' ... wonder if it had any effect?
  2. Exactly the same thing happened to me. Not sure what to do from here. Told him not to contact me again.
  3. I have contacted Tutors4Me.
    Perhaps if enough of us contact them they could put up a public notice or something. It would publicly notify people and then at least they are warned!
  4. I was also contacted by Scally with the same story.
    I decided not to make contact because it sounded dodgy. Spoke to my daughter who also thought it was dodgy.
    I will contact Tutors4me - as you say if enough of us do maybe they can stop anyone else being targeted and maybe even caught up in this scam.
    sounds to me like some kind of money laudering ??
  5. Something like that, sure I've seen it before in some form.
    I think what happens next is that you send your bank details so the 'check' can be deposited and before you know it - your bank account is emptied!!
    Cunning these scammers!![​IMG]
  6. As far as I know someone cannot get into your bank account if you give them the account number and sort code. This is all you would need to deposit money in an account.
  7. OMG thank goodness I have just Googled Scally brown and it came up with this......I will be speaking to someone from tutors4me tomorrow. Had exactly the same email and got the same vague responses. Will not be replying thats for sure.
  8. Considering the number of people 'he' has emailed his poor daughter is going to be tutored out! Next one to get an email ought to ask about the other tutors and perhaps suggest he enrol her at an FE college!!
  9. Yep - I also got this email - I just hope that nobody got caught out by this scammer...
    Tutors4me do have a section where it tells you about just this sort of thing - to be aware of it
  10. We need a way of discreting and banning these people...
    although I'm sure they would just change their names and do the same thing all over again!
  11. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I had the following message today from Tutors4me
    Dear Tutor,
    It has come to our attention (thank you to those who reported it) that a scam is being attempted by someone who has contacted some of the tutors listed on Tutors4Me.
    This particular scam is under the name 'Scally Brown' but please NEVER accept a cheque for a large amount up front for lessons unless you are absolutley sure you know who you are dealing with. The scam involves sending money back to the person operating the scam - this is money laundering and the scam target may even end up having to pay the genuine account holder back..
    Thank you,
  12. Power to the people!!!
  13. Has Tutors4Me gone forever? If you try to go to the page now or click on the Google listing you are taken to the Childcare.co.uk webpage. If anyone knows if this scam has 'killed off' the site, can you post here - I found it an effective way of getting a number of students and i feel that the name'Childcare.co.uk' will put a number of prospective students/parents 'off' as the name rather implies nannies and babysitters.
  14. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    so it does! Wonder what's happened there! I have a profile on childcare and I think I have had 2 emails saying it has been viewed in the last few months. I agree that it would not be where I would look if I wanted a tutor.
  15. Just looked - and got the same!
    This is where my previous pupils have come from too.
    How strange. Wonder if their server is down?
  16. Just found a link that may explain: Tutors4Me are hosted by GoDaddy who have had problems this week.
  17. Oh no!! I have got nearly all my students from Tutors4me and was building up a good rep through it - does anyone know if the site HAS gone?
  18. Decided to contact the Childcare website as Tutors4Me was still 'down' ~ this accounts for the 'problem'!!
    From Childcare Website: "We have recently purchased the tutors4me website and all the members are being moved over to our website which is the UK's largest tutors website.

    You will receive an email about it in the next few days."

  19. niky257

    niky257 New commenter

    this is not good - most of my work has come through tutors4me - I can't even find myself on childcare.co.uk, guess I'm not on there yet? No email either....

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