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Say No To The Use of Unqualified People in Teaching

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by -, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Do we get an update? How effective has the petition been in changing schools policy?
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Why do you ask considering you weren't interested in the petition?
  3. I'll take that as 'not at all' then
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    You can take it anyway you like.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    <h1> [​IMG]</h1><h1>Ten reasons why Michael Gove is bad for our children&rsquo;s education</h1>

    It was in the 80s and 90s that we last saw policies like Michael Gove's.
    Education was underfunded, schools were run down, and teachers were vilified and in short supply. We have come so far since then. It will be a tragedy if Gove is allowed to turn the clock back.
    Unfortunately he is not prepared to just stop there. This is a giant experiment in deregulating education, putting our children&rsquo;s future at risk.
    Please support your teachers and schools and join us in telling Michael Gove he is wrong.
    <ol>[*]<a name="one" title="one">[/URL]He has a narrow view of what makes a good education &ndash; one that doesn&rsquo;t include vocational subjects.[*]<a name="two" title="two">[/URL]He constantly runs down our education system and our children&rsquo;s achievements, despite our country doing well in international league tables &ndash; this demoralises our teachers and our children.[*]<a name="three" title="three">[/URL]He has removed the need for schools to employ qualified teachers, and attacks our teachers&rsquo; professionalism.[*]<a name="four" title="four">[/URL]He has presided over the unfairness of this year&rsquo;s GCSEs and refused to do anything to help the 10,000 children given unfair grades.[*]<a name="five" title="five">[/URL]He has done nothing to resist the trebling of tuition fees.[*]<a name="six" title="six">[/URL]Abolition of the EMA has resulted in fewer 16-19 year olds in education. He will have cut post-16 funding by 20% across the lifetime of this Government.[*]<a name="seven" title="seven">[/URL]He has unpicked many long-standing requirements for school premises, including dropping requirements for minimum temperatures, staffrooms, and minimum ratios for toilets; and he&rsquo;s reduced the space standards for new schools as well.[*]<a name="eight" title="eight">[/URL]He has cancelled the modernisation programme for all schools and diverted the money to supporting Free Schools, often in areas which don&rsquo;t need extra school places.[*]<a name="nine" title="nine">[/URL]He has cancelled the City Challenge programme which was improving results without privatisation.[*] <a name="ten" title="ten">[/URL]He wants to end the national teachers&rsquo; pay system, putting recruitment and retention of teachers at risk and forcing head teachers and governors to focus on negotiating pay instead of improving standards for students.</ol>At least 10 reasons for signing the petition.
  6. Wow, This is a really popular threat. Wow.

  7. I mean thread.

  8. double post sorry :(
  9. This is a repellent post and you are a repellent person.
    You claim to be a teacher in other threads; if that is true (which I doubt), it seems you are still in the States and not here. Thank goodness.
  10. Dont doubt my teaching credentials. im 10 times the teacher that you will ever be. i have taught english and medical sciences in vietnam without a single penny of pay. what have you managed to accomplish with your messy abortion of a "career""?
    Haha. Silly women.
    Dont be angry because Ive accomplished more than you ever will in your life.
  12. The what of who?
  13. "reported"
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  14. reported
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