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Save over £300 on Equipment for you or for gifts

Discussion in 'English' started by Drama_newbie, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Hi!

    I have some equipment for sale - all brand new, factory sealed and never
    been opened or used. The total cost of these items is £528.76 so if you
    buy the package at £200 you are saving £328.76!! Even if you don't need
    every item you can give them as gifts because everything is unopened
    and unused! The first item alone is worth more than £200 so its like you
    are getting everything else for FREE!

    1.) A small home-use photocopier - Canon FC120 Personal Copier

    Theres no warm-up time, you can just switch on and use straight away. It
    is really quick, and cost-effective as it uses one simple cartridge for
    toner, ink, cleaner, etc. And you can copy onto a variety of paper
    types and sizes, including OHP film.

    This retail price is £259.

    2.) You will also get a Canon 700F scanner - never been opened or used.
    Retail price £70.

    3.) I also have this amazing device! A DocuPen RC810 which is a handheld
    colour scanner. Its the size of any pen so you can keep it in your bag
    and scan anything quickly to transfer to your computer, including books,
    lesson plans, pupils' work for your portfolio, documents, photos,
    pictures, etc! Have a look at this online. Its brand new, unopened, and
    usually costs £158.63.

    4.) Finally, a laminator - useful for so many things as a teacher! This
    one is a Fellowes Mars A4 Laminator 5700901, its quick and cost
    effective, one of the best models for home use, and is priced £41.13.
    Its also brand new and unopened!!

    Thats 4 amazing pieces of equipment, all brand new and unused for just
    £200!! Ideally I want to sell everything as a bundle, but I will
    consider all offers. You have to be able to collect purchases from
    Newington in Edinburgh, unless you can pay for shipping. Contact me if you are interested in this amazing
    deal! sairs_1_98@yahoo.com


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