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SATs results 2015

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tully34, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    I have a maths score of 78 and the child only got level 4. Can anyone tell how much the 5 went up to?
  2. The level 5 maths threshold is 79, that's all I've worked out so far
  3. chele1987

    chele1987 New commenter

    I agree tully. Can't say I am over the moon. Looks like most thresholds have gone up and have lots that have missed out by 1 or 2 marks.
  4. luv2teach6

    luv2teach6 New commenter

    Has anyone managed to work out the level 4 maths threshold yet?
  5. Ive worked out the reading threshold for L5 is 33. Cant seem to access the scripts yet either.
  6. iccle_jen

    iccle_jen New commenter

    Level 5:

    Maths - 79

    SPAG - 54

    Reading - 33
  7. iccle_jen

    iccle_jen New commenter

    For level 4, I had a child who got 19 and she got a 4
  8. iccle_jen

    iccle_jen New commenter

    My lowest SPAG is 43 and she got a 4 so whoever mentioned before about the threshold Gods - you're in luck!
  9. iccle_jen

    iccle_jen New commenter

    Sorry reading - I had a 19 and she got a 4!
  10. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Really pleased with mine. Can't find the thresholds either.
  11. cassandramark2

    cassandramark2 Lead commenter

    Jesus ***** Once again, I have pupils who are simply SO brilliant, who have not made L6 readers. These are L6 writers who have rendered my fellow Moderators speechless.
  12. tedhat

    tedhat Occasional commenter

    Have one L3 Maths kid who got 45... has anyone worked out the 3/4 threshold for maths?

    Agree 79 is the L5 threshold for maths.
  13. iccle_jen

    iccle_jen New commenter

    I have the same with L6, I entered 4 who all got 45+ on the level 3-5 but no-where near on L6.
  14. The same with maths l6 one child got 98 on the l3-5 paper and nowhere near on the l6!
  15. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Same Cassandramark. My best one missed it by one point if the threshold stays the same. That reading test is a joke.
  16. The reading paper was very wordy this year and most of mine ran out of time. Really frustrating. Are we testing their ability to answer questions or their ability to answer questions in an hour. Really annoying as some of the children who seem to have missed them by one or two marks are superb!
  17. tedhat

    tedhat Occasional commenter

    I have the opposite re readers and writers and level 6s. No L6 writers awarded (although our LEA only gave five pupils in the LEA a L 6 - and we're a big LEA - I was sure one of my pupils was a L6!) but managed 2 of the 24 in the L6 Reading papers - a first for our school.

    Still interested to know the L3/4 threshold for maths if anyone has worked it out!
  18. rek45

    rek45 New commenter

    Level 4 maths 46. Thresholds on gov.uk now but all separately so can't post link.
  19. rek45

    rek45 New commenter

    Level 4 maths 46. Thresholds on gov.uk now but all separately so can't post link.
  20. Can anyone see the scripts yet I can't see anything when I click on them!

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