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sats reporting and teacher assessment

Discussion in 'Primary' started by johnsk, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Help!
    New to y6! We did externally marked writing..
    What exactly do we report? We are putting the sats data on to sims which will then get sent to nca website. How do we change the teacher assessment for English as the external tests were a guide to help us. I have now found the thresholds after TES help! I take it we report maths and reading as it came back to us but how do we get overall English score?? Very confused...
  2. There's a wizard to put in teacher assessment too . .. that's where you'll put in your writing and other TAs. For example - your TA for maths may be higher than the test came back . . .etc. For the overrall level, the teacher assessment wizard should work it out for you if you put in a level for reading, writing and s& l . . just hit 'calculate.'
  3. thanks but where is this??

    got data to put into sims, how do I alter that data??
  4. Ok - just to say, this is a complete farce but this is how it goes:
    You should have your teacher assessment levels for writing. You should have assessed each child at either level 3, 4 or 5. Each child awarded a level 3 for writing will be awarded 30 marks, 40 for a level 40 and 50 for a level 5. This will then be added to the mark they got on their reading test (the plague one). With these two results combined, you will then have a combined english score which can be plotted against the table on the link below. It's 36 for a L3, 53 for a L4, 78 for a L5. This will then give you their combined english score.
    It's created some really weird results for us - some children have been awarded a L4 overall even though they're a 3c writer (but a 4b reader) and some who are a 3a writer and 4c reader haven't made it - go figure!!
    Hope this helps,
  5. We have the same. Definitely a farce. If we weren't under the threat of special measures it would be laughable.
  6. Same. We sent our papers off for marking and weirdly the tests results have been the ones used by the powers that be to give us a %, rather than TA. It's benefitted us results wise, but does make me bash my head against the wall for all the moderation etc done to reach an accurate TA level.
    Roll on next year's farce...
  7. clangercrazy

    clangercrazy New commenter

    I'm new to year 6, and it's taken 3 of us (me, head teacher and admin) to input all data and try and figure it all out....and lots of phonecalls, done it....but still not convinced it's all right.
    Best bit is my teacher assessment of my level 6 reader and level 6 writer. There is no mention of level 6 on the threshold thingies for calculating final english result and so technically child can't be level 6 over all. Many phonecalls and emails and no-one we've spoken to seems to know what to do with level 6 ta and overall english level.....farcical the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. tange

    tange New commenter

    I sympathise with all of the posters above!
    I can't believe the day we have had.
    SIMS was producing some very odd results - we made several phone calls to try and sort this out but nothing sorted yet.
    An absolute farse - I competely agree Clangercrazy.
  9. Doing mine in the morning - not looking forward to it after reading this!
  10. seakay

    seakay New commenter

    I'm not meaning to sound obtuse, but what is the tricky part? We were externally marked for writing, it specifically says it should inform TA. Our results were largely in line with my TA so there were no problems there. I have spreadsheet I made that calculates the weighting for each attainment target for maths and English that has to be reported by Friday. The writing levels I report will be converted in to either 30/40/50 and added to the reading level. It's a bit concerning that a HT is confused to the degree you're suggesting....
  11. tange

    tange New commenter

    I am not sure about the original poster but we had problems with the SIMS spreadsheet. The formula for calculating the English overall thresholds on the had been inputted incorrectly. Therefore, when we printed out the pupil result sheets that we send home with our reports I noticed that they were incorrect.
    I have my own spreadsheet and it was when I was comparing the two that I noticed many many errors.
    When we contacted data - they said that they had had hundreds of calls.
    It might be worth checking yours too.
  12. Managed to input all the TAs and test data into SIMs, but when I generated a comparative report (which we have to send home along with the SATs results), the data in the boxes was wrong. No problem with generating individual SATs reports. There seems to be an issue with the wizard which produces the comparative data (comparing this year's data with national data from last year). I ended up calculating it myself so that accurate data went home to parents.
    As for our one L6 writer - an absolute nonsense that she has to be given a score of 50 for her writing - the same as all of our L5 writers. And why are L2 writers not given a score of 20 to reflect their writing?


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