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SATS question... just out of interest..

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sarahg1976, May 16, 2011.

  1. In a discussion about the maths papers recently a friend and I began to debate about the nature of the questions. I had been led to believe that the questions start at level 3 and get more difficult as you progress through the test and the final questions are level 5.
    She believes that this is nonsense and they are all mixed up and your level is based on your score no matter which questions were answered correctly.
    I agreee about the scores as i know they are simply totalled from the different tests but can anyone clarify whethre the questions are levelled in this way?
    Don't really need to know but my curiosity has been tickled....
  2. I think the same as you and if you look at the difficulty of the questions you can see the easier questions are towards the front of the paper. Also when I have searched for particular level questions on testbase, you often recognise where in the papers they have come from. The only part of the test where that doesn't apply is the mental maths which goes from 3-5 within each time band.
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    You are correct, they start easier and get harder.

    For the borderline and lower children we recommend they concentrate on the first half to two thirds of the paper and leave the rest unless they have spare time.
  4. Yeah, I think they definitely begin easy and get harder (well the last ones are always certainly Lvl 5 questions!)
    However, I've never told my class(es) this...I've always convinced them that they're mixed up. It's a psychological thing...if you tell them the first ones are always easy and they then stryggle with them, it'll knock their confidence. Likewise, if you tell them the last ones are always harder, a lot of them will automatically assume they can't do them! (Although the more switched on ones can probably recognise the difference in difficulty tbh)
  5. I totally agree, although that first one in Paper A- with the odd three digit number bent some of my children's minds- particularly those level 5 kids who thought the question was much harder than it actually was. Bless them.

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