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SATs marking 2017

Discussion in 'Primary' started by phatsals, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Try the "NCT Enquiries" phone number?
  2. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    I have had many, many contracts to mark public exams, NCTs, and other assessments and have found it's best to try for work by contacting someone to make a personal contact.

    Pearson understand the humorous teacher slang "sats", of course, but you might do well to use the sensible and correct term if you abbreviate "national curriculum tests". Pearson calls them "NCTs".
  3. aim130

    aim130 New commenter

  4. chellard

    chellard New commenter

    Thinking of being a SATs marker this year. I’m going away 31st May - 2nd June - will this be an issue if I get the work done ASAP?
  5. namundijoshua

    namundijoshua New commenter

  6. u5o52

    u5o52 New commenter

    Hi, Been trying to apply for this, each time it stops me halfway through and says you are not suitable for this role?? I have been teaching y6 for the last 5 years so I really don't understand why my application would not have been accepted? Any ideas appreciated!
  7. fairy78

    fairy78 New commenter

    I’m sure the applications close in December...
  8. fairy78

    fairy78 New commenter

    I think you’ve missed the deadline to apply as contracts are being issued now. I’m a regular marker and got mine yesterday. However, in case you are not too late or for future reference...

    You have to be available for the entire marking window, which this year is 18th May - 8th June though in reality, the final deadline to complete items is 2nd June so you probably wouldn’t need to worry about being around until the 8th.

    In terms of going away, I would say it depends on whether you’re currently working full time and have family commitments. In theory you could get your entire marking commitment completed before 31st May, but it usually takes me the equivalent of five days of 9-5 marking and I’ve done it for a number of years. First year of marking it took a lot longer. If you’ve work and home commitments then you may well struggle to complete it all in time. Plus sometimes the scanners can’t keep up with the markers so you’re waiting for items to mark. I wouldn’t risk it personally, but I don’t like to live on the edge!

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