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SATs marking 2017

Discussion in 'Primary' started by phatsals, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    I had my password last week too, not been on yet though. I'm not a team leader.
  2. NoIdeaWhy2

    NoIdeaWhy2 New commenter

    Apparently they're only giving out the venue details a week before the training days. Not helpful when you need to book a hotel and you want to stay near the venue and all you get told is London!
  3. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    I hope they send us to the nearest venue this year.
  4. NoIdeaWhy2

    NoIdeaWhy2 New commenter

    I'm not far from Bristol and I'm off to London again.
    Hopefully they've used more common sense this year. Must have cost them a small fortune in rail fares and hotels last year!
  5. NicJ

    NicJ New commenter

    is the markerhub working for you today? It was fine for me yesterday but have logged on (or tried to) lots today and it keeps showing a red error sign?
  6. frosty1675

    frosty1675 New commenter

    NicJ I couldn't get on the hub yesterday but it seems to be ok this morning.
  7. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    I've got on the marker hub fine but I suspect epen is going to be hard work this year as I'm on a different laptop. I'll probably have to change all my settings to make it run.
  8. fourleafclover

    fourleafclover New commenter


    I'm new to the marking and this is my first year doing it. I still haven't heard where I will be going for training which is making me feel uneasy as I live in the sticks and will have to arrange accommodation etc and I'd like to know where in the country I'm going to! I have been able to get onto the markers hub but still haven't received my epen password yet. I'm having to borrow a computer as my laptop in windows 10 which wont work and I don't want to have to uninstall everything. I'm hoping the laptop I'm borrowing will work but I guess until I get my epen password I wont know. I've done the browser health check and all it says is that the java is up to date.

    I can see May will be a stressful month!
  9. Mr-Bruce

    Mr-Bruce New commenter

    I'm also new to SATs marking and my patience is already threadbare. Password problems, technical issues and general lack of clarity. Anyone know where someone from Devon is likely to have to go for training?
  10. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    Just thought I'd give people a heads up that you can go on marker hub on the meetings bit. And this year it gives an option of training venues, so you can select the one that is closest to your home. It gave me 3 possible training venues. I did it this morning...
  11. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    Think the options were Manchester Birmingham London although now I've chosen mine the other 2 have gone but I think those were the 3 choices.
  12. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    I'd imagine London
  13. fourleafclover

    fourleafclover New commenter

    Lack of clarity sums it up I think! I received my options today so at least I know where I'll be going in a couple of weeks time! I will need to book accommodation as I live quite far away and my husband was going to come with me and go and do his own thing during the day. Do you know if they will allow me to book a double room or does it have to be a single?
  14. Spiritwalkerness

    Spiritwalkerness Star commenter

    The options are the options they choose for you - I was given the choices of London, London or Leeds - either London will mean a 5.30am start and Leeds will mean I have to go the day before unless I am allowed to drive there.
  15. hdavteach

    hdavteach New commenter

    I'm new to SATS marking too but feeling more and more uneasy about the whole thing, 'lack of clarity' is an understatement!
    I have been allocated London, and notice it is right in the city centre. I've not been given any other options despite an email that says I have! I've checked train times and can't possibly get there for the 08.15(!!!) starting time- I live in the South West.

    Why can't they do training over Skype?
    When i signed up in the first place it said "training venues across the country" -yeah right!

    If arranging the training is this stressful what's the actual marking like!?:mad::mad::mad:
  16. phan101

    phan101 New commenter

    Hi all, new to marking this year! I received an email to complete the epen tutorials which I have now done (I think?!) from the media section. Do you receive any confirmation that these have been completed?
    Also I have read that the familiarisation paper needs to be completed by Tuesday. I've logged onto the epen and clicked 'mark students responses' and have had a go at a few different questions. Is this all I need to do? Or have I missed something?
    Thanks in advance for the help- finding it a bit ambiguous.
  17. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    Yes think that's it. They don't need to be correct either - it's just 'familiarisation' with it.

    I check marker hub each day as any announcements go on there regarding things you need to do. But it sounds like you're doing well with the pre-marking tasks.
  18. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    Just in case anyone starts to panic - this is what it says for me anyway on marker hub

    Familiarisation paper deadline: Tuesday, 9 May (please note that this was incorrectly listed as 18 April in your recent newsletter).
  19. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Not everyone got a choice. Think it's been a trial with a certain number of people. There seems to be a few new markers this year, good luck to you all.
  20. lucyh85

    lucyh85 New commenter

    Hi all,
    Panic on the night before May 9th deadline!! Is there any way of knowing if you've done 'enough' of the familiarisation papers? Or is it just a case of clicking through a few questions until you are happy using the system?

    Thanks in advance :)

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