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SATs markers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by DFC, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    Agree with Shower Gel, it was run like a military operation, but I also came away feeling scared at the prospect of standardisation and then wondering how on earth I am going to meet all those interim deadlines if I get passed for live script marking!

    I'm new to SATS marking this year, and would be more than happy to discuss S script grades with anyone who would find that helpful, so if anyone wants to PM me, feel free. I'm planning to start looking at the writing tomorrow, but probably won't have all of the sections complete til Monday so aiming to post on Tuesday.
  2. Our training day consisted of the lights in the room tripping out at 30 minute intervals all night.
  3. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    I take it you were at Nottingham dizzi?
  4. Yep - my training was excellent (Birmingham). I'm about to start marking s scripts but need to get my **** in gear! Also need to check all my scripts and send of T1 cards by Wednesday (the pressure!!!!!)
    If anyone wants to email me re s scripts (English) feel free. I'm going to start with reading.
  5. Glad to hear you enjoyed your training sweep. [​IMG]
  6. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    I'm on Q16 at the mo. It's taking me ages....
  7. Yep I was at Nottingham. Did the Norman questions on the reading S scripts yesterday - apart to start on the earthship ones this afternoon. Not confident in the marks I've given a lot of things, but I wasn't last year either to start with.
  8. I'm about halfway through the reading scripts, got a couple of question marks,so might be in touch dizzi! Feel free to pm me as well, suppose the more heads the better.
  9. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    I finished the reading paper this morning, like all S scripts there were plenty of answers designed to catch us out.
    I was a bit surpised at the Writing papers, in the short task there are a wide range of answers but on the Longer Task most of the answers seem to be at the lower end of the mark scheme.
  10. Gold star for satnav! I um... neatly arranged all my red pens. Will go gym after food and then plough through honest!
    I thought that, despite our TL maintaining the S scripts were pretty straightforward with minimal traps this year, they were a lot of sneaky crunches in the bits I've done.
  11. Tackled mine, sending it off tomorrow - I had a fair-ish spread of marks on all the writing papers to be honest, although the one where the kid's put an arrow to where it says "if you need more paper ask your teacher" and written "good idea!" made me laugh a bit.
  12. elt92

    elt92 New commenter

    I was at Nottingham too, the lights were terrible! Managed to finish marking the s-scripts tonight, so can get them in the post tomorrow.
    Not sure how i will have done, but i never am at this stage! The only benefit of the online last year, was not having to wait for TL to overmark them and getting immediate pass or fail!

  13. I would agree. Talk about the S scripts to thrash ideas out, especially with the reading, but don't submit marks <u>you</u> aren't happy with.
  14. I'm maths - which ones are you stuck on? I have a few too and keep changing my mind. I know someone else who does maths and we sometimes talk it through together if one of us has a query, but we sometimes agree to differ.You have to go with your own instinct but talking it through can sometimes help.
  15. er, no, actually you have to go with the mark scheme and TL guidance!
  16. Still waiting to hear if I'm cleared to mark yet. The deadlines this year are ridiculous - we're meant to hear from TLs at the end of this week about being able to mark, then have to get benchmarking set A off by Wednesday next week - quite when you're meant to mark any live scripts in between this is beyond me.
  17. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Same here dizzy. I'm a bit miffed because my TL got them on tues so I should have heard by now. I only work PT so have time pm that I could have been marking. I hope they arent going to wait til Saturday as I was hoping to have bank hol monday off with my family. If I dont hear soon It will be very tight to mark and do the benchmark as best as I can. It took all sunday to do the S scripts as I double checked everything. I hate all this waiting around. When you have a gap, waiting for S scripts and benchmarks, I think you become less consistent as you have had a few days break. I prefer the old days when you could just get on with it and get it all done in a couple of weeks and go back over scripts if issues arose.
  18. I quite agree mmc. I worked all day Sunday so my TL had the scripts 2 days early and I'm still waiting to hear. All the standardization scripts are the same so I presume they already know what the marks should be. I received the first lot of benchmarking scripts today, perhaps I should do those while I'm waiting to start marking!!
  19. Yeah - considering I've been running to the far end of the city to pick up packages from depots and the like rather than rebooking delivery to try to speed things along time-wise... it just seems ridiculous now that I have a pile of scripts, all checked off, missing item cards sent (I'm missing one school which I think is in the bowels of the postal service - edexcel know about it) - and I'm stuck in limbo after going flat out on Sunday to get the S-Scripts off quickly because "the quicker I have them the sooner I can call you with the all clear to start marking" and now I'm stuck in limbo, having to take days off work in the hope the final scripts show up - but can't mark.
    Assuming we get the clear to mark on Saturday middle of day-ish, then we have to have the next lot of benchmarking back in the post by Wed(?) the following week - so that's going to be Mon/Tues.... when exactly are we meant to mark live scripts? Helpful cascade emails that "people have complained about the timescales but you have enough time" don't help lol.
  20. Bsmirched

    Bsmirched New commenter

    TLs aren't allowed to feed back to anyone until they've at least received all S scripts from all their markers - so no matter how quickly you get them to your TL, if someone's late, you're stuffed!

    Re missing items - I had a cascade from my TL saying not to send TS1s until cleared to mark!

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