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SATs markers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by DFC, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Hi again everyone marking this year.
    Like you all who have posted thus far, limited information received. However, given that we (in our pack) have to complete a booklet to return to our supervisor (TL) on 10th May, as of today, 5th, I have no idea who that is. Thus I have just phoned the Helpline (for which there was a quick response - and I was so pleased that someone was there to assist and advise) to seek further clarification. Last year I did not learn who my TL was until I turned up for the training meeting, albeit I did appreciate that Edexcel had only stepped in at the last minute to pick up the pieces caused by the rapid exit of ETS.
    I was told that TL info will be sent out tomorrow - she thinks - and thus to expect Friday, Saturday - or possibly Monday (which is the 10th, the day we should be posting our first offerings/expectations.)
    But am also bringing to this thread a further query, given our new contracts - with gagging order placed upon us from posting in forums (which clearly means the TES ones, that we have used to support each other for the past two years - with many markers needing such, due to the shortfall or absence of their TL to provide it), am interested to know where we stand posting our comments on this thread now?
    It does, of course, beg the question as to why we should be so gagged? To my knowledge, between the inevitable banter exchanged between posters, no marker has ever divulged any intimate details of pupils or schools in their posts, and have only ever posted details relating to their good/bad experiences regarding the admin agency involved in the required procedures. If those are all well thought out and organised, then what is the problem with us sharing such experiences? I, for one, last year in my posts, gave credit to Edexcel, as they had clearly done a much better job, at the last minute, than ETS. Thus, what are they worried about? I remain confused about that.

  2. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    I completely forgot about the gagging clause! Will be interesting to see how they intend to see that through and match up usernames to real people....
  3. RJR - TES bods say that they would only release real names following a court order for them to do so.
    If Dizziblonde, Taj and Showergel pop in here, please check your mail inbox (TES mail box that is.)
  4. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Hello everyone
    I think we should just post on here anyway. I'd forgotten about the gagging thing too. Was that last year or the ETS year?
    What exactly are we not allowed to say?

  5. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Anything about our work for Edexcel.
  6. Showergel - this year's contract specifies no public forums. They must be afraid of journalists learning what is going on perhaps?
    You should have received a message from me in your inbox.
  7. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Yes - thank you Hanow - I appreciate that - sorry I've not be in touch but will do so by tomorrow.[​IMG]
    Also apologise for my ignorance over the contract.
    What a crying shame we can't have a forum.
  8. taj


    What video? I seem to have missed that!
  9. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Am I allowed to answer taj?
  10. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Sorry - I'm not trying to take the p i s s and I've always landed myself in trouble one way or another during my life by not thinking things through, but are we not allowed to discuss ANYTHING at all in connection with the tests?
  11. taj



    I have sent you a message. Please look in your TES in box.

  12. inq


    To see tutorial videos,
    log on to edexcel website
    click on National Curriculum test bit - NCT online process
    this opens a new window, at the top right is an L plate and a bit that says tutorials then on the left hand side is a bit that says tutorials, sample mark entry.
  13. Jackie12

    Jackie12 New commenter

    Does anyone know what the payments are this year for maths marking? I have all the paperwork but cannot find this most important part. Thanks Jackie
  14. inq


    From the contract
    <font face="TrebuchetMS-Bold" size="3">Day fee &pound;120
    </font><font face="TrebuchetMS-Bold" size="3">
    <font face="TrebuchetMS-Bold" size="3">Communication Fee </font><font face="TrebuchetMS" size="3">&pound;17.50 fixed fee</font><font face="TrebuchetMS" size="3">
    log on to edexcel, click my contracts, download contract
  15. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Taj - have replied x
  16. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    I have scripts!

    First package arrived today (English). The largest school in my allocation, every pupil on the mark-sheet present for the tests, no missing scripts, and all in correct alphabetical order. Quite impressed!

    Will wait and see what tomorrow brings, but at least I know I have some scripts to mark!
  17. elt92

    elt92 New commenter

    I received one schools yesterday too. Only a school of 30 though! Fingers croessed for todays deliveries!
  18. Bsmirched

    Bsmirched New commenter

    As of today I have scripts for 8 out of my 10 schools and now only missing 60 children from my allocation, so would seem not that many have boycotted.
  19. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Fingers crossed here too that nobody's boycotted in my allocation!
  20. elt92

    elt92 New commenter

    Ive received 4 out 9 so far, so not sure if ill get all 9.

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