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SATs markers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by DFC, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    I have just been told that communication fee, standardisation and benchmark payments should be in my account by Wednesday 22nd July. Bring on the champagne...
  2. elt92

    elt92 New commenter

    Has anybody got any ideas how much they are paying us for the S/B scripts?
  3. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    I've just logged into gateway and seen a payment marked for 15th for £17.50. I assume this is the communication fee but no sign of payment for SS or BM scripts.
  4. elt92

    elt92 New commenter

    Just checked mine and ive got the same but nothing for SS or BM scripts.

  5. I believe they pay the same rate as live scripts.
  6. taj


    Same here!
  7. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    I'm feeling left out because they only paid me £15.00 I only did one of the bench mark tests so may be they have been allowing £2.50 postage on all the stuff we had to send to TL.
  8. hcnip

    hcnip New commenter

    benchmarking/standardisation going into my account tomorrow - assume this is the standard date then


    and the books are closed on another year...
  9. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    Has everybody received the Communication Fee then? I haven't yet? There is no sign of it pending on my account. Should I contact them, or are others still waiting?

    There is a payment due to go into my account tomorrow so I am imagining that must be the standardisation / bench-marking, or it maybe some extra GCSE scripts that I marked.

    I must say that the GCSE (also with EdExcel) is SO much better organised than the SATS; English is all done on-line, including the standardisation meeting, so no waiting in for scripts to be delivered or be collected, no queuing in the post office to post Bench Marking scripts etc (in fact, no bench-marking at all - sampling is done on-line with your TL just 'dipping' into your account and checking your marking of live scripts periodically). And the main payment was in my bank account a week after I finished marking the scripts. A breath of fresh air, compared to the SATS!
  10. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    Just looked at my account again on Gateway and I did get paid the Communication Fee yesterday, so ignore previous post! It got lumped in together with the GCSE payment, so showed up as one total amount, and was not apparent until I looked at the detailed invoice breakdown. My Standardisation and Bench-Mark fee due to be paid tomorrow is for £91.20, (net amount), though a previous poster said that theirs was £83. I did have to do Standardisation B though (just the writing) so I wonder if this would account for the slightly higher amount?
  11. Thongy1

    Thongy1 New commenter

    No standardisation or benchmarking going/gone into my account. :-( Got the communication fee, though. Anyone else not got the benchmark/standardisation?
  12. £83.20 due to be paid tomorrow according to my gateway page - remember to set the date for a date later than tomorrow and tick 'show all invoices' - it should show you payments due to be made as well as those you've already had then. Have had communication fee and all expenses now and they paid the correct amount even though I'd filled in the final figure wrongly!
    Anyone else out there had a MORI poll about the marking process to fill in? I had an email with a link this afternoon. There are lots of tick boxes but also some inviting spaces to explain exactly why you were dissatisfied with certain aspects of the process - luckily the rather tiny boxes do expand if you keep typing ;-)
  13. Thongy1

    Thongy1 New commenter

    Standardisation/benchmarking - Wasn't there earlier, no matter what date I put in, but it is there now!!! Yay!
  14. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    My payment today is only for £43 before tax - it says sample script fee - does this mean its only my standardisation fee and I'm still waiting for my benchmarking? Anyone else got this?
  15. RJR - My payment says 'sample script fee', and does not indicate quantity or whther S scripts or BM. I completed one set of each: S, BM1, BM2. However, my payment shows £104, less tax. Not sure that helps you though. You could try emailing and asking for clarification. I think their record of which sample scripts we undertook would have been provided to them by our TLs. It is possible something got lost in transit?
    Good luck.
  16. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    Mine was also £43, is it because we did Science?
  17. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    I don't know phatsals, maybe - but at least we both have the same. 10 standardisation scripts and 5 BM1 and 5 BM2 should make £90ish before tax if my calculations are correct? I will give it a few more days and see what happens...
  18. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    Wasn't it 5 of each, 5S, 5BM1, 5BM2 at £2.90 which would make it about right. I don't know I'm just guessing,
  19. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Was it?? I thought we did 10 S-Scripts? (Though I may be wrong)... Any yes, you are right about the amount per script - I was thinking of the English amount per script when I wrote that.
    Maybe it is the right amount after all *sigh* still, better than nothing I suppose lol. I wonder - if you 'failed' the s-scripts first time round and had to take another set if you get paid fot those extra? Seems that good markers would be penalised in that sense (not that I'm bothered but it makes you think...)
  20. Can verify that if you failed S scripts you didn't get paid for the extra batch you had to do.

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