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SATs markers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by DFC, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. I think the site must be under siege, can't download my contract.
  2. Thanks - have emailed so will let you know how I get on.
  3. I'm confused! I applied using the NAA site but that only takes your name and address. Haven't heard anything yet? When i go on edexcel website i can't find anything. Don't want to miss out this year need the money!

    Help please!?!
  4. Same - had the letter saying my marking was fine last year and they'd pass my details on... then nothing, no emails or anything ><

    If I've missed out I'll be most upset (but with the week I've had it's about par for the course)

  5. All team leaders received their contracts yesterday. They always do Senior markers first, then TLs then markers so too soon to worry yet.

    The number to ring is 03003031270 if you want to speak to someone.

    They do answer the phone and are a million times better than ETS

    Good luck
  6. Hi I had the letter daying mt marking was fine last year so do nothing and I would hear something later! I am going to check the NAA website as that is usually the best place for information.

    I didnt know edexcel were sending out contracts and havnt heard anything from them.

    Fingers crossed we all hear soon!
  7. Keep checking your emails.

    Team Leaders have seven days to accept/decline their contract from Thursday, so I think it will be at least a week before the next lot are sent out.

  8. My contract to be a marker was issued last Thursday.
  9. I had my marker contract on Thursday as well. If you have heard nothing it might be worth an email or a phone call to Edexcel just to make sure you are still on the list. (See posts 16 and 24).
  10. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    I had mine emailed Thursday too - perhaps they have done English first?
  11. starlightexpress

    starlightexpress Occasional commenter

    Have confirmed my acceptance of my contract (login sent Tue, contract Thur). I think Edexcel still had my details from previously as was my old address on the system, not my new. If ETS had transferred information, or the NAA, would have been my new as NAA letters (Dec 08) sent to my new address!

  12. taj


    Does anybody know what the rate of pay is this year please?
  13. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    I'm English and it's £4.00!

    Do you think that's shocking?

    What was it last year?

    I've forgotten and can't be bothered to look for the info?

    Yes maybe they're doing English first then.

  14. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    I was science last year so yeah, maybe they are doing English first (alphabetical order?) Will see what happens then!
  15. starlightexpress

    starlightexpress Occasional commenter

    Last year for English was £3.55 per child and 25p per child for all the inputting of data online, so £3.80.
  16. I had my maths contract last week, think the pay has gone by about 10p per script - but read through all the stuff and it mentions nowhere about online benchmarking or data entry, it does mention sending stuff to your team leader - so hopefully it should be better than last year.
  17. taj


    Thanks for all the info people keep posting.

    The next question is - does anybody know if papers will be going to a central point as they they did with the infamous Extraterrestial T**s in Space or will the schools send them direct to the markers?
  18. I have had my Maths contract too, and as I did not mark last year (baled before the Training as I could see how stupid it was going to be) I read the contract (creep!).

    I was pleased to see that it was virtually identical to the annual contracts from EdExcel I had received in the several years prior to 2008.

    I could find no reference to computer inputting of marks or benchmarking, and assumed that if this is going to be the last year for external marking it would be daft for EdExcel to create a new system for one year, especially after the problems the other company had in 2008.

    I may be proved wrong on this, and I know Edexcel are at the forefront of on-screen marking, but that is not the task here - we are physically handling the scripts - and I expect it to be done manually, exactly as in 2007.

    If there is electronic marks-inputting, I trust it will be reporting totals, not individual marks, but I don't expect even this.

    Any sign of major duplicative electronic inputting and I shall walk away again.

    If I am right, those who were new to marking last year will find this time that the whole procedure is relatively relaxing and enjoyable, and you won't be exposed to the stress caused by other people not doing their jobs properly, either through incompetence or overload.
  19. Good question - surely they will do the same as pre 2008 - a system that worked well and was "their" system - schools send directly to their designated markers - central distribution does not work for a one-off show like this.

    As above, I am expecting a seamless smooth event, where the only thing we will notice is different from 2007 is that it is actually 2009!

    Anything other than this would be foolish in my opinion.
  20. I still have not had a contract. My colleague had an e-mail with log in details for the web followed by her contract last week.

    I rang edexcel who said only 1 batch of contracts have gone out so fat and the bulk are coming out this week. He could not confirm if I will be getting a contract however and suggested I reapply in the meantime!! This seems silly to me.

    Any one else out there in this position?

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