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SAT's level 1 task missing....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by midget_gem74, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hi, wondering if anyone could help. I'm new to year 2 this year and trying to sort out all the papers for SAT's. Only problem is I can't find the level 1 task for maths from 2007 or 2009. All I can find is a task from 2001. Will I be able to use this? My head was in charge of ordering all the papers and didn't bother getting the tasks as he presumed we had them.
    Or can anyone point me in the direction of where I can print it off and I can just make it myself.
  2. It's the 2001 year's tasks that you use for level 1. There were none printed for 2007/2009. Think that's been the same for some years now. Check the purple ARA book (Msz posted it here recently). I'll have a look at my copy to check .....
  3. Booklet just says use "from a bank of previous tasks" so we've always used 2001 tasks for our L1 maths. HTH.
  4. Brilliant! A weight off my mind, thanks.
  5. I have low ability Y2, but dont think we have the tasks, is there anywhere I can get them from?
  6. Hi there,

    We use the 2001 Maths Sats task to assess our Level 1 children but someone used the last recording sheet which has the marking criteria on it denoting if they are a working towards, level 1 or the marks required to carry out Part C. Do you have a copy of this to post? If not could you write the marking levels in a reply? We have contacted the company that set these papers but as the Sat's tests will change in 2016 they do not have any old booklets left for this task so we are a little blind to leveling the task.

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