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SATs - boy missing 1 day as on holiday -

Discussion in 'Primary' started by salofi, May 8, 2011.

  1. I have a similar problem - one of the boys in my class is off on Friday and will therefore miss the science tests (yes, we are one of the 'lucky' ones).

    I called QCDA to find out options for him and was told that holidays do not count as exceptional circumstances and that if he was not available on the day he would not be able to take the tests (or at least have his scores counted). Your situation might be counted as different because he's away on the Monday and therefore could take his on the Tuesday but as there are already two papers on the Tuesday don't you think he would find it all a bit stressful?

    The percentages are such a joke - this year we have had an extra traveller child join us in the second half of the Spring term... He has only been in school once in the last two weeks and had a lot of absences in his first half term - he probably won't even be here to take the tests next week! And yet, he counts in all of our data! How is this a good measure of the school's performance? Not much we could do with anyone in half a term, especially when the child in question isn't actually regularly attending the school.

  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    the points you discuss here are more reasons why SAT'sshould be abolished.its so stupid to be judged on such criterea......unless you can get him disallowed on a basis of say SEN.
    I had one arrived just before the mock sats and he couldnt read,write or speak English.how the hell would be be suppossed to cope.When sats were formulated i think they assumed all kids would be a steady constant at school and have undergone a whole number of years of english school tutoring...in one school i supplied at they had a 10-15% turnovr of kids per year.as familys moved in and out ....mostly from immirgrant communities.That is not to say their parent where not interested.rather the opposite......just the families moved on to other places.
    If the child misses part of the test the other area is stil useful for statisical reasons,,but certainly not for admitting a score ,especislly if one element of the test is missing.eg mental maths.
    Good look to all you folk who have to suffer SATS..and god help the poor kid who have sometimes been deprived of god solid and interesting educational learning.
    My wife and I both withdrew our kids out of SAT's and the teaching side if we found out they were doing sats work.They both wenton to gain good degrees and jobs.despite not doing sats in any school! I have been there teaching them and I still think they are tedious and boring on the whole.....long live the death of SAT's.and OFSTED for that matter as well!

  3. I don't think (m)any of us would disagree with you, but in the meantime it doesn't help the OP who has a real problem that she wants advice about! I think your comments are for a different thread.

  4. I had the same problem last year.
    Had two travellers who didn't know any letters in the alphabet when they started with us in Year 6 and then my only level 5 pupil left before SATs to apparently go and live in the outer hebrides so with only 18 pupils in the class our percentages were screwed! Later ended up finding out that the level 5 pupil never moved - dossed around at home for a term and then started the local high school. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Ended up in OFSTED coming in in Dec due to out poor SATs (even though we boycotted them!)
  5. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Fizz Gig i do understand your dilema and beieve me i do have great sympathy on both yourself and your school.We all have faced such dilema in schools.....one yr 6 clas i had had the potential of 7 oe 8 level 5 kids.yetin the eend only 1 made it......the school went mad.....but who do you blame.the teacher, the child, the test or the home/enviroment!
    I just dislike SAT's but if i want a job I have to teach them, even in in year 6///the heads run scared for good reason..the results being as you see them know! Its as if the goverment has way of punishing those who dare to defy!
    As to your situation you can do little but explain the situation.......I am sure your link advisors should be able to direct your head.In the end its their problem,even though the arrival of OFSTED becomes the school and staffs problem.
    I do feel sorry as i have been through that situation and it can become hard work........so i do wish you and your staff well..and any other poor teachers who have endure the wroth of OFSTED
  6. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I'd agree that it's irresponsible to take children for term-time holidays (although I can understand why parents do, as holidays are so much cheaper). But if you are going to take a child out in term-time, then surely SATs week is actually the most responsible time to do it.
    It's going to be the one week in the year that the child is unlikely to miss any teaching and learning. I know it's a pain for schools, but it's not likely to affect the education of the child in question.
  7. Cheers,
    I shouldn't really worry - i'll be off on maternity leave next year so should hope OFSTED do come but still would like a good outcome from my little darlings
  8. He's actually been off all of the previous week and is just missing Monday of SATs. Does mean he's had 3 weeks off from being taught due to the Easter hols. Means he'll be coming straight into the test on tuesday morning and will probably have forgotten how to write!
    It's a shame as he's the one child in the class who actually likes SATs and is obsessed with doing tests and looking at levels. I know all ready he'll nag me to do his reading test and find out the level asap

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