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SATs and 65% floor target...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mrcooldude, May 10, 2016.

  1. mrcooldude

    mrcooldude Occasional commenter


    Does anyone have any clue what will happen when all these schools fall below 65% combined this year? Are they all going to have Ofsted wade in to save the day? Perhaps they'll all become academies???
    I know the SPAG test has been kinder but surely that Reading test is going to impact even the highest of attaining schools.

    I wait with bated breath as to what the Maths will look like tomorrow and Thursday...
  2. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    They won't. Morgan has said that there will not be many more schools fall below this year. They'll just end up putting the threshold down.
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  3. bluesofa

    bluesofa New commenter

    They can adjust the test scores, but not the TA judgements for writing, which are part of the floor target!

    Interesting to see whether schools having moderation of writing will be more likely to be below floor and schools that don't have moderation will be more likely above floor!
  4. Benbamboo

    Benbamboo Occasional commenter

    Now that Morgan has said (publicly and to the head teacher's union no less) that no more than 1% more schools will be below floor standards than last year, the DfE is in a bit of a pickle.

    Scenario 1) They fudge data to show consistency but the raw scores will show that the tests were either ridiculously hard of their standards are now too low.

    Scenario 2) The data shows many children doing 'worse' pushing more schools below floor standards. This triggers a reassessment of floor standard percentages to rescue some schools as there simply won't be enough OfSTED inspectors to go around.

    Scenario 3) She lied to the NAHT and many schools drop below floor standards thus opening the door wide to forced academisation. Cue a full on battle with the profession..

    Scenario 4) Regardless of what the DfE does to address scenarios 1-3, they have no control over writing assessments which may push a large amount of schools below floor standards. Fudging raw scores and thresholds doesn't allow for the writing to mess things up.

    As it stands, I don't see the DfE coming out of this with much credibility intact.
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  5. mrcooldude

    mrcooldude Occasional commenter

    I think you're absolutely bang on. I am not convinced by this 1% statement about those schools falling below the floor target.

    Surely a school which typically got (for example) 80% combined under levels would not be performing in the same way with these tests? It makes a mockery out of the entire assessment system.

    The very cynical side to me thinks the SPAG was kinder today to soften the blow for the rest of the week. It just doesn't add up.

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