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Sats 2019: what did you think of the second maths test?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by TES_Rosaline, May 16, 2019.

  1. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Was it a fair paper? Did the pupils finish the test in time? What was the response from pupils after they finished the test? Smiles or tears?
  2. DavidHowes1977

    DavidHowes1977 New commenter

    A lot of the children thought this one was harder today and less straightforward.

    I thought that some of the writing of the questions and the apportioning of marks interesting. 3 marks awarded for one question largely because it involved working arithmetically with large numbers and had 3 clear steps to achieve. Yet, only 2 marks for a question involving potatoes and carrots that I worked out had four mathematical steps involved to solve it.

    Don't get me wrong, some accessible questions too, but I wonder how any EAL child is meant to navigate what maths is being asked of them at times.
  3. nical73

    nical73 Occasional commenter

    I agree. The wording and resilience needed for some of the questions made the papers harder this year. Lots of maths accessible to all but the reasoning of the 3-4 steps needed meant that some of our children struggled. Has definitely given me my new action plans for next year as Maths Lead.
  4. cassandramark2

    cassandramark2 Lead commenter

    My pupils thought that today’s was easier than yesterday’s. All of them finished compared to Paper 2. Too many of the number whiz-kids were frustrated by the squares and rectangles offering yesterday, wasting time, and this may have clouded their judgement.
  5. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    I agree, much easier today than yesterday, until you got close to the end when it became ridiculously difficult! we spend a lot of time teaching multi step problems and how to structure them and it paid off. Some of the questions they thought ridiculously simple, here's hoping the pass mark doesn't increase!
    cassandramark2 likes this.
  6. MaryDG

    MaryDG New commenter

    I really hope they don't increase! Overall I fel they were slightly harder than 2018 across all 3 papers so I'm predicting a slight drop to 58/59. What do others think? (I ask insecurely after a tough week!!)
  7. Ds2d12

    Ds2d12 Occasional commenter

    There has to be difficult ones to account for the greater depth, but I really do wish they’d get gradually harder rather than jump about. I think that would be fairer!
    BetterNow likes this.
  8. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    Most of ours thought today was slightly easier than yesterday. I thought there were some very tricky multi step problems - and, as others have said, they are dotted throughout rather than steadily increasing in difficulty. Overall, I felt the three tests were slightly harder than last year. Hopefully the threshold will stay the same, or even drop!
    Whatever the outcomes, it's all over for another year! Well done everyone!
  9. RegulatorWatts

    RegulatorWatts New commenter

    Kids seemed to find it better although I thought it was similar in that it started OK and then got very hard without anything in between. Had a couple in tears as they got in a flap over not bring able to finish. To me I would say as a whole harder than last year though I thought the arithmetic was easier. Just really pleased I was able to pick 4 or 5 questions which hadn't come up yesterday and revise them yesterday afternoon although a few things that didn't come up I found odd.
  10. powerpointdave

    powerpointdave New commenter

    Not as bad as we thought it would be but some of our kids found reasoning paper 1 a bit tricky. All in all, ok.

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