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SATS 2012

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Gillyrose, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. The DfE website states that KS2 SATs are in 'the middle of May' - however this just seems like a generic statement. I had heard they were moving to June but we really need to know!!! I have had to book our Year 6 residential trip because places are limited and have had to take a guess on the dates. Gone for 18th June but now I'm getting worried I might have booked SATs week! But what can you do? Personally I think a week in Normandy is far more beneficial for the children than sitting the Mickey Mouse tests!

  2. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    This states that they are going to be in the week beginning the 14th May:
    Quote: Ministers have confirmed that the 2012 key stage 2 national curriculum tests will be held in the week beginning 14 May 2012.
  3. Yup - I discovered that QCDA statement a few days ago as well! Externally marked level 6 papers too - though irritatingly, the week after.

    How do people feel about the discontinuation of the writing paper? Personally - I'm chuffed. Preparing for the writing paper has always seemed by far the worst aspect of SATs. I'm really looking forward to dropping a lot of our revision and doing some more creative stuff.

    I find it unbelievable that the Government won't be giving more information until November...but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised!
  4. Where have you seen the discontinuation confirmed?
    Heard rumours that it would be but found nothing on QCA site to confirm it.
    Would be nice to know for sure

  5. http://www.education.gov.uk/inthenews/inthenews/a00192403/key-stage-2-review-of-testing-assessment-and-accountability-government-response

    It doesn't actually say when this comes into effect, but all of the articles I've read in the press have said that will begin this year.
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Sorry not until 2013
    Government Response to the Bew Report

    The recommendations from Lord Bew’s report on testing, assessment and accountability for the end of Key Stage 2 have been accepted by the Government

    The recommendations and reforms aim to make the system fairer for all parties, and raise standards

    The main changes from the Report include:
    Replacing the current writing test with teacher assessment of writing composition
    Development of a test to assess spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary – to be trialled in 2012 and introduced fully in 2013

    Performance tables from 2011 to show increased information and three year rolling averages for schools

    http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201011/cmhansrd/cm110718/wmstext/110718m0001.htmWe welcome the fact that Lord Bew has considered the testing and assessment arrangements in each subject from the point of view of what is educationally most appropriate. We acknowledge the problems with the current writing test and agree that summative teacher assessment is the most appropriate way to assess writing composition. External moderation of that assessment will be important to ensure it is recognised as reliable and robust. We will develop and trial moderation arrangements next year and introduce them on a statutory basis from 2013. Teacher assessment judgments of writing composition will form the greater part of any overall writing judgment once the new arrangements are in place from 2013 onwards.
  7. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    How long before we get targets and league tables for L6 then?
  8. If you look a bit further down on the report it states

    In 2012 interim arrangements for writing assessment will be required. Those arrangements should be in line with the principles in Lord Bew?s report and ensure that results are as reliable and robust as possible. Teacher assessment judgments of writing composition will make a significant contribution to the overall writing results. We also believe some external testing will be required alongside teacher assessment. We will discuss the detailed arrangements for 2012 with the profession and confirm them to schools at the start of the new school year.

    So doesn't sound like we will be doing the writing sats this year either!
  9. I missed that bit below.

    I find it just incredible that we're starting a new academic year in a few days, but we don't know what these arrangements are going to be.
  10. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

  11. Haha.

    Well, I must admit, I was pretty euphoric, and I did a bit of a dance after the Deputy Head left my room.

    I shall try and type up the memo tomorrow.
  12. Ah... excellent! That's the link I couldn't find! Well done!

    Great news.
  13. Fantastic news!! Could have done with this a couple of years ago as missed out on some very deserved Level 5 writers.

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