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SATs 2011

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mill12, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. mill12

    mill12 New commenter

    Anyone willing to hazard a guess at this year's topic for short or long write????????????
  2. Few threads on this already but sorry don't know how to link them into this one. Only a few pages back though.
  3. So there it is - no fiction - reading or writing. So hours of discussing different fictional genres across the years and writing endless stories is not measured!! My children quite like the writing tests thank goodness we spent enough time on non fiction genres!! Sureley the test should be more balanced? Still the literacy is over at last, bring on the Maths! So by next week we can begin to enjoy teaching again and the children can enjoy learning at LAST!
  4. whoops a spelling mistake surely - and as for the spellings!! precisely or should I say precision?

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