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satisfactroy first observation as an NQT...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sarahg1976, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. YAY! Got feedback this morning for yesterday's lesson and HT said she was overall happy that it was clearly a satisfactory lesson. Chn were engaged, lots of different activities to suit learning styles, great relationships with children and clearly set up ready to hand resources.
    Development points were:
    planning needed to be more detailed and linked to NC. (NOT my planning - was partner teacher- the DH!)

    LO was not clearly displayed - because my final activity was for chn to write 2 things they had learnt from the lesson then share post it notes around table and discuss the learning. Thought this would be good for personalised learning but now know that I need to be VERY specific about LO and success criteria at the beginning, even in foundation subjects. Always do it for literacy and numeracy. Lesson learnt and achievable target for next time!
    But the main point was the pace of the lesson...I'm not even sure what good pace looks like. Having been supply means I have not really had the oppportunity to watch others teach so what am I looking for?
    Will be using this weeks NQT time to pop into other classrooms and watch some teachers in action.
    Am so glad it wasn't a big fat fail!!! Not really wanting advice just wanted to share...[​IMG]

  2. * satisfactory [​IMG] Too much grape juice this evening.
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Glad you feel the experience was so positive. [​IMG]
    Head should allow you time to observe as it's a point noted for improvement.
    Have a good weekend! [​IMG]
  4. hello, fellow NQT here who's just completed my first term :)
    also deemed as satisfactory
    pace is one thing that NQT's apparently need to work on, so don't worry too much
    so well done, good start, just make sure you get in place what they have asked you to do before your next observation then it will feel natural to you and your pupils will be used to it.
    hope the last few weeks of term go well for you

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