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satisfactory with elements of good...not good enough

Discussion in 'Primary' started by redredred, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. In a recent lesson observation I had a similar outcome and I was puzzled!! 'All of the elements are there but in isolation' ??????? eh??????

    Ho hum, some good advice above!!
  2. There is plenty of great advice on this thread and i am sure some of it will help you. What I wanted to say is often it is when other people can see you making an effort to improve that they will then see the improvement. To do that you have shout about great things you have done, invite other teachers in to see your classes work, get the head in the classroom as often as possible and be over the top about everything you do.

    I would be happy to offer more advice if you want, just message me.
  3. It's all about children making progress in each and every lesson.
    If you use self assessment and get children to declare that they feel themselves that they have made progress; that they now understand something they did not understand before, you will get the 'good'. (do not be content with LEARN!)
    Deliver the lesson in an engaging way, and achieve the above, and it will be outstanding!
    OFSTED will see, this, even if your SMT, in their desperation, do not!
  4. Hi Nicky ! I am on SMT and was graded Satisfactory by an outside assessor. I am now 'jumping through hoops' attempting to return to the 'outstanding' judgements that I got before the goalposts moved or before I became too expensive ! I have been observed again today got 2/3/4 grade ???? Don't ask/ Asked a colleague and a HT in another school to look at plan. Both thought 'Outstanding'!
    Have now asked my HT to send me to 'other schools' to observe outstanding practice. I was disheartened initially. Today I was marked down for pipil progress though every child completed differentiated learning challenge. Ther was plenty of 'WOW' and 13 positives commented on. Only 3 negatives !
    Sometimes you can't win ! But just try !

  5. ....and now my HT wants to observe me again and quite frankly I want to crawl into a corner and cry.... not that that will help I know, I'm just fed up and have lost my confidence, I also aksed to go somewhere and see outstanding teaching but so far have had no joy

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