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Satisfactory to Good lesson judgements-any magic tips from anybody?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by SIRFRANK, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Seem to be stuck at the moment after 10 years in the profession on a 'satisfactory' grading after years and years of consistent goods
    Have the most passive Y6 class in history and so therefore where the over riding thing is pupils making progress and learning outcomes they are completely locked down in terms of any spark, flair, imagination independence or 'thinking out of the box' in short my questionning is good, varied ways of working, paired, group whitebaords, hand up, down, no hands up, ABC cards, peer comments, reflection, evaluation VAK behaviour management, differentitiation etc-all the things in the input but I just find getting them to a finishing point/outcome extremely tricky with such a docile class. Any open ended and upto them is a complete waste of time as they revert back to Y3/4 ideas
    Any tips?
  2. Earl Davids wife

    Earl Davids wife New commenter

    Nothing to help but I have such sympathy with you. I once inherited a Y2 class for a term who were just as you describe. Lovely children individually but no spark whatsoever. They were the exact opposite of the sparky classes I'd been used to. They were so dull it was beyond frustrating. Luckily they moved on after a term otherwise I'd have torn my hair out. It was like stirring treacle.
  3. Stirring treacle?? phrase of the day....ha
    Well I have them for a year and of course the frustrating thing I cant do anything with them...I can move them through the levels and tick those boxes (we are predicted 90% + L4 at the end of the year, so academically yes, okay but on a constant day to day basis you get nothing back but blank, passive docile faces and it drives you mad
    You can tell them theyve got a trip, party, comedian, storyteller, another teacher and nothing changes from the sea of blankness, they seriously display the traits of teenagers enduring the daily drudgery of scendary but 3 years too soon
    Like I say from a monitoring point of view impossible to get good at this moment in time, I mean heaven forbid the children actually have some reponsibility in making a lesson work or not.....

  4. Earl Davids wife

    Earl Davids wife New commenter

    Yep, that's how it went with my Y2s. Luckily a term wasn't long enough for me to be told it was my teaching that was at fault!!! And the head knew I was an experienced and up to that point, successful Y2 teacher
    I'll never forget the group of girls who regularly sat passively through my best inputs etc and, at the end of (for example) a hard slog (maths) lesson actually thanked me with sickly sweet smiles for teaching them. Sadly they had learned zilch and contributed nothing.
    I got mightily fed up of spending hours preparing lessons to inspire them all and beeing faced with ........... nothing.
    I'm sure there were kids in that class that were as bright as any I'd ever had but they just wanted spoon feeding and without it they were lost!!!
    A nightmare. Maybe you just have to accept that these kids will take a very long time to get out of their bad habits and grow a bit of confidence and spark.
    No petrol in their engines was another well used phrase.........
    It's just a job and next year's lot might well be better [​IMG]
    What were they like for the teacher last year or aren't they admitting it?
  5. Well
    of course thats the problem historically at the school theyve been talked at every year prob since Y2 with no elements of active learning at all so now theyre just passive as hell. As selfish as it sounds its my career im bothered about the effect it has on LA, HMI, HT OFSTED monitorings when you have a class incapable of contributing everything themselves
  6. Earl Davids wife

    Earl Davids wife New commenter

    Spoon feeding has a lot to answer for.
    Hopefully anyone with half a brain will see what's happening when you are doing the performing seal act and they are doing their usual job of doing nothing and giving nothing.
    It's very hard. Hope you can jog along until the end of the year and then shine with a much more rewarding class. Good luck with the lot you're stuck with now - bless them [​IMG]

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