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satisfactory lesson grade

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kaz_allan, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hi
    just would like a bit of non biast banter really. My lesson was extremely interactive and all the children yes all of them were very excited and engaged , the children progressed well and had lots of fun - my head agreed with this howeever, she said that I didnt have a clear focus and did not do the WALT and WILF so children didnt have anything to work towards - this was because I wanted to allow the children to respond in their own way to what had happened. I worked with a group and we produced story maps with some emergent writing. All including the boys were writing and drawing etc and following their own way of responding. I got them to remember the main things stories have in them and what they could use to help with writing. I believe it is right to give them the freedom to choose how to respond since we have been working on various speaking and listening and story telling and writing skills since september.
    Anyway, she felt if would have been better if i had role played and done lots of rehearsal of their story and not done a map. I can see that but is that really a reason along with the WALT and WILF to be satisfactory??
    Anyway - i would love others thoughts on this. I am fine with the grade just would love to chat about it to other early years colleagues.
    thank you
  2. louisea

    louisea New commenter

    I'm new to EYFS (but not teaching) and I think it's really hard to see how the same judgements can be given to us compared to KS1 & 2.
    I've been observed once by my HT and did a phonics carpet activity and then the kids went away to do CP and I worked with a group linked to the phonics work. She said I kept them on the carpet for too long (which I knew and would have probably sent them away if she hadn't been sat there lol) a few of them got a bit fidgety but I got a good so was happy with that.
    But children in EYFS are trying things out all the time aren't they? So something you taught them few days/weeks ago they will repeat and master. It's constant learning and may not happen on the day your being observed.
    I also think it's hard to give them a 'learning objective' as such and often my class have their eye on something else and have no intention of working with me and make a bee line for something else.
    I'm being observed by our EY advisor on the 14th and have to do an adult focused task. Think I shall just do a simple Quickwrite phonics activity.
    Trying not to feel to worried about it but hate it to be truthful. So no advice but lots of sympathy!
  3. If all children in the group were expected to produce story maps then presumably that was the objective of the activity: 'WALT make a story map; WILF the features of a story'? Perhaps she thought this should be made more explicit. What reason did she give for advising using role play? Did she feel the children did not know the story well enough to produce a story map? If so, she could have a point, although you may have planned in the belief that the children knew the story better that they did.
  4. Have alook at the primary thread entitled 'observations- are they worth it'. I hope there you will find something to bolster your sense of both the sublime and the ridiculous regarding the contrary weathers which are blowing around your shoulders- and maybe offer you some warmth of companionship in the way we British have about said weathers.

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