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Sat nav grrrr....

Discussion in 'Personal' started by thegothmother, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. It was supposed to be simple. The local DIY shop has closed, so I thought I'd go to B & Q. I wasn't quite sure where it was, so I looked on line. Armed with a postcode, road name and sat nav, I set off.
    First problem: sat nav didn't like the combination of postcode and road name. So I went on just the postcode.
    When I arrived at a residential street, I assumed I'd written down the directions wrongly. As I don't have a phone that accesses the net, I texted home to check. I was looking for the right place.
    Second attempt: Tried just the road name. Ended up on another road that was still not right.
    Third attempt: Tried a partial postcode plus correct road name. Eventually ended up at right place having gone wrong way down road to start with (thanks sat nav!).
    Decided it was best to lock sat nav in boot and make my own way home. Did not get lost/go wrong way once.

  2. Agreed. Satnavs are awful.
    I borrowed one once just to test it out before I bought one and ended up arguing with it as it was sending me a completely stupid way. I got lots of "MAKE A U-TURN IMMEDIATELY!"
    Just shouted "NO" and at the first opportunity locked it in the boot as you did. [​IMG]
  3. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    I'm guessing you entered them wrong
    As above
    Shows what happens when you do input the right info.

    Satnavs are simply tools, they only do what you tell them to do.
  4. In my experience (and I've used Sat Nav to get to a rang of places near to and relatively far from home) they will give you a route. It may not be the way you would choose if you looked on a map, but it will work. I always have an idea where I am going and don't always follow the Sat Nav's suggestions to the letter. If it tries to make me, I ignore it until it gives in!
  5. No, grandelf, I did check the postcode (twice)! It wasn't until I left the final letter out that I got a selection (with a different last letter) but the right name. I agree about knowing where you are going, but I was within 300 yards of where I needed to be, but couldn't see the road I needed (inconsiderate people having houses there!)
  6. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    I love mine and my new one doesn't tell me to do a u turn anymore, it quickly recalibrates and we get on just fine!
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    My satnav is worth every penny I paid for it and has probably saved me hundreds of pounds worth of petrol considering how often and how badly lost I used to get.
    It doesn't, though, like my step daughter's postcode - I've checked that it is right and it is but the satnav takes me to another part of Skipton entirely. Fortunately I actually know my way into Skipton now so it doesn't matter.
    It also had a bit of a nervous breakdown when I used the new extension to whichever motorway is just down the road from me (can't remember whether it's the M77 or M74....or M73?[​IMG]) - it thought I was on wasteground for several miles...I just ignored it until we were on the old bit of road.
    I swear that the voice gets progressively more pained when it tells me that it's 'recalculating' when I do something unexpected.
  8. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    If anyone tries to come to my place via sat nav they end up several streets away. As my block of flats is set back away from the road it thinks we are in the road behind, which is about a mile and a half away (via roads not footpaths). You end up having to put in the street name and then "pick on map". Seriously, if they knew where it was on a map they might not need the sat nav!

    Luckily, I know where I live and find it quite useful for getting to other places :)
  9. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    Chances are if you had stopped someone and asked them directions they would have known!
  10. My parents used the satnav to get to Dover once when they were going on holiday. To their great amusement as they arrived it instructed them: "In 500 yards, take the ferry."
  11. I use google navigate on my android phone with a text to speech programme so it reads road names etc. It always amuses me greatly when it reads roads such as "M42" phonetically..."Take the mm 42".
    I get far too much amusement from satnavs :S
  12. I have arguments with mine... take the motorway... "I don't like motorways, you know I don't like the M1 I'm going this way instead"... make a U turn... "No I'm going this way" (I only tend to use it for the tail end of journeys where I have a vague idea where I'm going and am just heading to St Obscure's Primary and don't know quite where in the part of town it is).The woman's voice drove me nuts because it didn't ever pronounce the T in roundabout and the "at the roundaboUUU take the first exit" was really grating on me.

    Mind you it's just done a corking job getting us through all of Scotland and only failed right in the really obscure parts we had written directions for anyway.
  13. If you have a SatNav then it is much better to download the Points Of Interest (POI) for the places you require. There are already some on the Satnav by default but most retail companies and hotel chains now provide these FOC. Try this link (though I can't vouch for its accuracy.


    Makes life a bit easier.
  14. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    You would be surprised at how many times a postcode on a website or letter is wrong. Two examples recently.

    1. the Ice rink in Milton Keynes. The postcode listed on their website takes you to another part of town. When I questioned it at the rink (once I found it) the person said that it had been wrong for years!

    2. a solicitors in Leeds that I need to get to. The postcode on their letter head put me about half a mile on the wrong side of the city centre.

    Usually my Tom Tom will get me to within a 100 yds of my destination using just the postcode. If the place has a number as well then it is more accurate. Google Earth is little better, put my school postcode into it and it will find the right street but is about 200 yards down the road (and the school has a unique code).

    I generally only use the Tom Tom when I am close as I frequently use a different route to the one suggested by the machine for all sorts of reasons.
  15. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I also have Yoda as my satnav voice. "At the junction right you must turn"!
  16. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    We've just had a new Mercedes with the Command system in it. It's lovely to use, has voice recognition so you can speak your destination and the lady is always very polite - she always says please when telling you to make a turn! Much nicer than the basic TomTom we had before [​IMG]

  17. I've got Joanna Lumley as the voice on my TomTom. Her lovely dulcet tones inviting me to "Oh, darling do turn round when possible" makes me go weak at the knees.
  18. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    Don't think hubby would be in any state to drive anywhere with JL's voice - he loves her!
  19. I've never had a satnav. I like good old fashioned finding my way using directions and road signs.
    We've missed lots of deliveries to our house because our postcode isn't registered yet....it sends everyone to the local Asda!
  20. We had horrendous problems when we first moved in to our new build. As the whole estate was new, it wasn't recognised by any Sat Nav system (or the Post Office, come to that!) for a good 12 months so, whenever we rang for a taxi, they would say, "We're not sure how to get to you because your address isn't on our navigation system!" Mind you, that wasn't specific to Sat Navs-when I rang Vodafone to change my address, they insisted that I had to have got it wrong as it wasn't showing up on their system-I had to remind them several times that it was because it was a new estate! I do love the different voice options on Sat Nav though. Driving all the way to Longleat in a work minibus with an Irish woman giving the directions was quite humorous!

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