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Sao Paulo Brazil - South America- supporting a family on one salary

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by bullwinkle, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for any advise regarding a school following the Uk education system ( named after a very very famous Cathedral in London). Specifically I'm looking to answer the following:
    Accomodation will be proivided - any ideas what it will be like?
    Will me and my partner and our new baby be able to survive on my salary alone?
    What type of salary can I expect, and will this be sufficient for comfortable living and travel within Brazil?
    What is the school like?
    What is Sao Paulo like?
    I look forward to the feedback.

  2. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Unless things have changed dramatically since I knew the school well:
    Accommodation is comfortable, well-appointed and close to the school but will be an apartment, perhaps on the 10th floor. São Paulo is intensely urban, with not much in the way of 'leafy suburbs' as understood in UK or USA.
    The three of you will survive, even save and travel, on your salary, but what will partner and baby do all day in this, like, ... intensely urban environment?
    ASK the school about the salary. They are not (or didn't use to be) the kind of establishment that goes all bashful when you inquire about money.
    The school's excellent reputation is well deserved - good staff, latest resources. Students who, with few exceptions, want to learn and befriend their teachers. Watch out for those exceptions, however, who often belong to the Moraes, Teles, Maluf families with whom not even Lula or Dilma dare to mess. Just give their kids an A grade, life is short already.
    To coin a phrase, São Paulo is... intensely urban, and the high-rises and low-lifers stretch to the horizon and beyond. This one huge city has a population bigger than Australia with the same percentage of loud opinionated bullshooters.
    We always loved going there... and loved coming away. I can see a young single person of either sex having one hell of a time in SP, and can imagine a mature couple with teenage or flown-the-nest kids thriving there.. but it's a hard place to recommend for a young family.
    A lifetime of travel opportunities inside the country - but once again, while bebezinho will enjoy the beaches, the pantanal or the sertão are not for toddlers.
    The Brazilian economy, in case you haven't read a newspaper recently, is booming and blooming, with the middle class growing and gap between rich and poor actually shrinking. Maravilha, pá!
    By all means, Brazil hands, come on in and correct me. But please may the Clovis/Scouser/Emperor/Penguin crowd stay out of this one.

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